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The mission of the Department of Education Studies is to prepare undergraduate and graduate candidates to meet the teaching demands of a culturally diverse society in the 21st century. Through dynamic learner-centered programs that support lifelong learning, candidates learn the pedagogy and technology necessary to create classrooms for children in prekindergarten through 12th grade.

Graduate course offerings are designed to prepare early childhood, elementary, middle school, high school and special education teachers for a variety of positions. Undergraduate preparation is extended and enriched through courses that provide the opportunity to review current research in relevant fields, to conduct research in appropriate areas, to develop activities and curriculum materials, and to study emerging trends in early childhood development; elementary, middle and high school education; and special education.

We know that there are many dedicated students who are unable to pursue traditional campus-based, college careers. Therefore, even though we highly recommend face-to-face courses and think these courses best serve most students, we are pleased to offer online EC-6, 4-8 and special education completer programs for undergraduates to meet the needs of this special population. This program is offered for TEXAS residents only.

Many of our graduate and certification preparation programs are now fully online.

Areas of Study

Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

BSIS Experiential Major Matrix Brochure



Bachelor of Science in Deaf and Hard of Hearing

DHH Experiential Major Matrix Brochure



Certification preparation

Master of Arts in Teaching

Master of Education in Early Childhood Education

Master of Education in Elementary Education


Master of Education in Secondary Education


Master of Education in Special Education


Certification Preparation

Master of Education in Teaching and Learning


Secondary Education
Note: The Department of Education Studies offers secondary or EC-12 certification preparation through general coursework and a secondary education minor. Students may obtain certification through coursework if their major does not accept the secondary education minor.


Certification Preparation

Supplemental Certification Preparation

Education Studies at SFA