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Stephen F. Austin State University

Secondary Education

Secondary Education Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Certification

Certification and Minor

The Department of Education Studies offers secondary or EC-12 certification through general coursework and a secondary education minor. Students may obtain certification through coursework if their major does not accept the secondary education minor.

Certification Areas

Secondary All-Level
Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (Grades 6-12) Art (Grades EC-12)
Chemistry (Grades 7-12) Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Grades EC-12)
Dance (Grades 8-12) French (Grades EC-12)
English Language Arts and Reading (Grades 7-12) Music (Grades EC-12)
Family and Consumer Sciences (Grades 6-12) Physical Education (Grades EC-12)
History (Grades 7-12) Spanish (Grades EC-12)
Hospitality, Nutrition and Food Sciences (Grades 8-12) Special Education (Grades EC-12)
Human Development and Family Studies (Grades 8-12) Theatre (Grades EC-12)
Life Science (Grades 7-12)
Mathematics (Grades 7-12)
Physical Science (Grades 6-12)
Social Studies (Grades 7-12)
Speech (Grades 7-12)
Technology Applications (Grades 8-12)

Prerequisite requirements for admission to the program and minor include HDFS 2302 (formerly HMS 203) and admission to Teacher Education.

Requirements for certification listed under the Perkins College of Education in this bulletin are SEED 3370 (formerly SED 370), SEED 3371 (formerly SED 371), SEED 3372 (formerly SED 372), SEED 4242 (formerly SED 442), SEED 4343 (formerly SED 443), SEED 4250 (formerly SED 450), SEED 4360 (formerly SED 460) and SEED 4150 (formerly SED 450L).

Requirements for the secondary education minor are SEED 3370 (formerly SED 370), SEED 3371 (formerly SED 371), SEED 3372 (formerly SED 372), SEED 4250 (formerly SED 450), SEED 4150 (formerly SED 450L), SEED 4360 (formerly SED 460), SEED 4242 (formerly SED 442) and SEED 4343 (formerly SED 443). These courses total 24 hours for the minor.

Complete this during the semester prior to taking SEED 4250/SEED 4150.

Courses in Secondary Education (SEED)

To see a listing of the all the necessary standards, addressed by course, and key assessments, click here.

For more information, please contact the Department of Education Studies at 468-2904.