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Online Completer Programs

EC-6, 4-8 and Special Education Online Completer Programs

We highly recommend face-to-face courses and think these courses best serve most students. Teacher candidates who take courses on campus have the opportunity to participate in the SFA Charter School and other Nacogdoches area schools.

However, we understand that there are dedicated individuals who cannot attend classes on campus due to location, work, and family obligations. These online programs are set up so paraprofessionals and other nontraditional students can complete a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies and become certified to teach.

Online programs are offered for EC-6 core subjects, 4-8 core subjects, 4-8 English/language arts/reading, 4-8 math, 4-8 social studies and all-level special education. The SFA courses are taken in a specified sequence with students participating in cohort groups. Candidates may take 12 to 15 hours per semester. Some candidates may wish to take only six to eight hours per semester, but they would need to continue taking the courses in sequence. The programs are designed so the online courses required to complete the degree may be finished in five semesters excluding summers. Additional courses from community colleges may be taken during summers.

Priorities for Admission to the Program

Priority is given to applicants who are currently serving as paraprofessionals in public schools, but other students are encouraged to apply if they meet the admission requirements listed below.

Priority is also given to students living 60 miles or more from campus or having other circumstances limiting the ability for on-campus instruction including:

Admission Requirements

Transfer Student Policies

SFA Policy: A maximum of 66 credit hours from the degree requirements plus the two credit hours of physical education may be transferred from a community college.

Online Completer Program Policy: 66 credit hours from the courses specified in the application below may be taken at local community colleges and transferred to SFA. You must complete a total of 45 hours from the list on this application to be eligible to apply for the program:


Steps to Admission

  1. Apply for admission to Stephen F. Austin State University.
  2. Apply for admission to the online program using this Online_Program_Application(4).pdf. Admission to the university does not guarantee admission to the online program.
  3. Apply for financial aid if needed.
  4. Be advised by the coordinator/advisor of your respective program (if accepted into the online program).
  5. Meet the criteria for admission to Educator Preparation Program at approximately 60 credit hours.


Informational Flyer


4-8 Certification Tentative Plan

4-8 Generalist Certification Tentative Plan

Degree Maps/Plans

For More Information

For the EC-6 program there is not an application. Please schedule an advising appointment once accepted to the university and your advisor will give you all of the program information. For questions about the program please email

For 4-8 and special education programs:
Dr. Michelle Williams
Early Childhood Research Center, Room 209AA
P.O. Box 13017-SFA Station
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962
Phone: 936.468.1597
Fax: 936.468.1701