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Stephen F. Austin State University

General Special Education

M.Ed. in Special Education (no certification seeking) -- Online

The M.Ed. in special education program provides graduate-level preparation in the areas of disability awareness, instructional strategies, formal and informal assessment and law.

Individuals who choose this type of M.Ed. are typically certified teachers who desire to expand on their knowledge base and/or individuals who work for a state agency such as Early Childhood Intervention and Mental Health/Mental Retardation hospitals.

Required courses:

Graduate Program Pre-Admission Requirements

This master's program requires the following for application:

  1. Copy of undergraduate transcript and, if applicable, a copy of graduate transcript.
  2. Initial teacher certification only: Complete and return a provided initial teacher certification seeking tracking form. A copy of this form may be obtained from Nikkie Strahan ( and Dr. Summer Koltonski ( This certification tracking form will not be submitted until you are admitted to the program and enrolled in your first semester of course work.
  3. 3 letters of recommendation (two of a professional nature and one can be a community member who has known you for some time). Please make sure these letters are signed.
  4. Current resume.
  5. Essay -- a typed, double-spaced written statement (minimum 3-5 pages in length) describing your experience in the field of special education, your philosophy on educating students with special needs, and how personal qualities and educational experience would make you an exceptional candidate for the Special Education graduate program.
  6. A video recording introducing yourself to program faculty in a professional manner. This video is to be no longer than 5 minutes in duration. A free video-recording resource may be found at Please include the following information in your video.
  • Name
  • Current employment
  • Years of teaching experience and/or types of teaching experiences
  • Teacher certifications (if applicable)
  • Qualities and competencies you possess that would make you a good candidate for our program and a future professional in the field
  • Statement regarding your ability and motivation to participate in a rigorous program

All pre-admission items will be uploaded to a shared folder (via invitation email sent by Dr. Koltonski or Dr. Mask). When you are ready to upload your pre-admission items, please email Nikkie Strahan ( and Dr. Koltonski ( to request a shared folder invitation.

When the above items have been completed and submitted, you may be asked to participate in a short, online video-conferencing interview session in which you will be asked up to five additional questions. You will access this interview via a provided web link.

Once this process is complete and you have been notified of your acceptance to the program, you may apply to the Graduate School. The application can be accessed and submitted electronically from the following website: Please complete the application as an M.Ed. seeking student. Please do not submit a Graduate School application before completing these requirements, as the $50 application fee is non-refundable.