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What is a VPAT®

VPAT® is an acronym that stands for Voluntary Product Accessibility Template. The VPAT® is a template that a vendor completes attesting how accessible to an array of disabilities the software/product they offer is. Both State and Federal Law require that SFA obtain documentation of accessibility from a vendor before we utilize a technology. It is the responsibility of The Information Technology Industry Council (ITIC) to establish a standard template for a vendor to complete attesting accessibility, per the Federal Government.

To download a copy of the most current ITIC VPAT® template to complete, please follow the link below.

VPAT® Limitations

Remember the VPAT® is a tool to be utilized in those procuring EIR. While it is a valuable tool, the VPAT® should not be taken at face value. The use of conversations with the vendor and other documentation are vital to the purchasing process.

Some red flags to watch for:

How to Obtain a VPAT

The VPAT® is completed by the company or vendor you are procuring, contracting, utilizing a product from. Often simply by visiting the vendors website and searching for either the word "VPAT®" or "electronic accessibility" you will find a completed form.

Three ways to attempt to obtain a completed VPAT®:
  1. Search the vendor's website for a completed VPAT®
  2. Email the vendor to request a completed VPAT®
  3. Ask the vendor to visit the ITIC's website, download and complete a VPAT®