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Senate Roster

2023-2024 Faculty Senate Roster

CC Conn - Chair
Arye Chakravartty - Chair-Elect

Michelle Klein - Treasurer
Sarah Straub - Secretary
Herbert Midgley - Parliamentarian

Chris McKenna - 2022
Brian Uriegas - 2021
Andrew Lannen - 2020
Jeremy Stovall - 2019
Jason Reese - 2018



Name/Email College Dept/School Rank Term University Committee Senate Committee
Business Economics & Finance
Associate Professor
2021-2024   Administration & Finance (Chair)
Rajat Mishra Business Management & Marketing Associate Professor 2021-2024   Professional Welfare (Chair)
Rob McDermand Business Management & Marketing Senior Lecturer/NTT 2021-2024   Elections
Wenjing Li Business Management & Marketing Assistant Professor 2022-2025   Professional Welfare
Lindsey Kennon Education Education Studies Associate Professor 2022-2025    
Daniel McCleary Education Human Services & Educational Leadership Associate Professor 2021-2024 Distance Education Ethics
Sarah Drake Education School of Human Sciences Clinical Instructor II/NTT 2021-2024 Student Wellness Task Force Faculty Government & Involvement
Victoria Wagner-Greene Education Kinesiology & Health Science Assistant Professor 2021-2024   Academic Affairs (Chair)
Gina Fe Causin
Education School of Human Sciences Associate Professor 2022-2024   Strategic Planning
Sarah Straub
Education Education Studies Associate Professor 2023-2026 Distance Education Academic Affairs
Mario Ajero Fine Arts Music Professor 2023-2026 Elections (Chair)  
Eden Collins Fine Arts Art Assistant Professor 2023-2026   Professional Welfare (Chair)
CC Conn
Fine Arts Theatre & Dance Professor 2022-2023   Strategic Planning
Herbert Midgley
Fine Arts Music Lecturer/NTT 2023-2026 Distance Education (Chair) Faculty Government & Involvement
Jake Walburn Fine Arts Music Assistant Professor 2022-2025   Academic Affairs
Rebeca Kidd Forestry & Agriculture         Ethics (Chair)
Leland Thompson Forestry & Agriculture Agriculture Associate Professor 2022-2025   Administration & Finance
Emily Payne Forestry & Agriculture Agriculture Lecturer/NTT 2022-2024   Academic Affairs
Professional Welfare
Ericka Hoagland Liberal & Applied Arts English Associate Professor 2022-2025   Communications
Lisa Bently Liberal & Applied Arts         Administration & Finance
George Day
Liberal & Applied Arts Government Associate Professor 2021-2024   Faculty Government & Involvement (Chair)
Arye Chakravartty
Liberal & Applied Arts History Associate Professor 2022-2025 Core Curriculum Assessment
Graduate Council
Professional Welfare
Strategic Planning (Chair)
Hunter Hampton Liberal & Applied Arts History Assistant Professor     Communications
Louise Stoehr Liberal & Applied Arts Languages, Culture & Communication Professor 2021-2024   Professional Welfare
Bailey Thompson Liberal & Applied Arts Mass Communication Associate Professor 2021-2024   Communications (Chair)
Tyler Welsh Liberal & Applied Arts Mass Communication Assistant Professor 2023-2026 Distance Education Ethics
Jason Bruck Sciences & Mathematics Biology Assistant Professor 2023-2026   Academic Affairs
Jeremy Becnel Sciences & Mathematics Computer Science Professor 2021-2024   Strategic Planning
Julie Bloxson Sciences & Mathematics Geology Assistant Professor 2022-2025   Professional Welfare (Chair)
Alexandra Martynova-Van Key Sciences & Mathematics Biology Professor 2023-2026   Professional Welfare
Bidisha Sengupta Sciences & Mathematics Chemistry/Biochemistry Associate Professor 2022-2025   Elections
Michelle Klein
Sciences & Mathematics Nursing Clinical Instructor/NTT 2022-2025   Administration & Finance

NTT - Non-tenure track

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