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Senate Roster

2020-2021 Faculty Senate Roster

Andrew Lannen - Chair
Brian Uriegas - Chair-Elect
Sarah Straub - Treasurer

Laurie Rogers - Secretary
Donald Gooch - Parliamentarian

Jeremy Stovall - Past Chair, 2019
Jason Reese - Past Chair, 2018
Le'Ann Solmonson - Past Chair, 2017

J. D. Salas - Past Chair, 2016
Karen Embry-Jenlink - Past Chair, 2015



Name/Email Photo College Dept/School Rank Term University Committee Senate Committee
Gina Harden Business Management & Marketing
Associate Professor
2019-2021 Distance Education Administration & Finance, Chair
Chris McKenna Chris McKenna Business Business Communication & Legal Studies Assistant Professor 2018-2021 New Faculty Orientation Administration & Finance
Pamela Rogers Pamela Rogers Business Management & Marketing Assistant Professor 2019-2022   Elections, Chair
Laurie Rogers
Laurie Rogers Business Business Communication & Legal Studies Lecturer 2018-2021   Academic Affairs, Chair
Derek Cegelka Derek Cegelka Education Kinesiology & Health Science Assistant Professor 2018-2021 Distance Education Faculty Government, Chair
Sarah Drake   Education Human Sciences Clinical Instructor 2020-2021 Policy Committee Professional Welfare
Dustin Joubert Dustin Joubert Education Kinesiology & Health Science Assistant Professor 2018-2021   Professional Welfare
Sarah Straub,
Sarah Straub Education Department of
Education Studies
Assistant Professor 2019-2022   Professional Welfare
Heather Olson-Beal   Education Department of
Education Studies
Professor 2020-2023   Professional Welfare
Brian Uriegas,
  Education Department of Human Services
& Educational Leadership
Assistant Professor 2018-2021   Graduate Council
Christina Guenther Christina Guenther Fine Arts Music Professor 2019-2022   Academic Affairs
Margaret Leysath   Fine Arts Art Assistant Professor 2020-2023   Professional Welfare
Herbert Midgley   Fine Arts Music Lecturer 2020-2023   Academic Affairs
Chris Turner   Fine Arts Music Assistant Professor 2020-2023   Academic Affairs
Franta Majs Franta Majs Forestry & Agriculture Agriculture Assistant Professor 2019-2022   Strategic Planning
Yanli Zhang   Forestry &
Geospatial Sciences Associate Professor 2020-2023  


Kristin Bailey-Wallace Kristin Baley-Wallace Liberal & Applied Arts Social Work Assistant Professor 2019-2022   Professional Welfare
Steve Cooper   Liberal & Applied
Social Work Professor 2020-2023   Academic Affairs
Dana Cooper Dana Cooper Liberal & Applied Arts History Professor 2020-2021    
Donald Gooch,
Donald Gooch Liberal & Applied Arts Government Associate Professor 2018-2021 Core Curriculum Assessment
Policy Committee
Faculty Government
Al Greule Al Greule Liberal & Applied Arts Mass Communication Associate Professor 2020-2021   Communications, Chair
Andrew Lannen,
  Liberal & Applied
History Associate Professor 2020-2021 Academic Affairs
Strategic Planning
ex-officio on all committees
Darrel McDonald   Liberal & Applied Arts Anthropology, Geography
and Sociology
Professor 2020-2023 Distance Education Ethics
Gretchen Patterson   Liberal & Applied Arts History Instructor 2020-2023   Communications
Diane Sizemore   Liberal & Applied Arts Social Work Project Coordinator 2020-2022   Administration & Finance
James Adams   Sciences & Mathematics Physics, Engineering, & Astronomy Assistant Professor 2019-2022 Academic Integrity Faculty Government
Sara Bishop Sara Bishop Sciences & Mathematics Nursing Associate Professor 2020-2022   Elections
Xiaozhen Han   Sciences & Mathematics Chemistry Assistant Professor 2020-2023   Elections
Michelle Klein   Sciences & Mathematics Nursing Clinical Instructor 2020-2022   Ethics
Jonathan Mitchell   Sciences & Mathematics Mathematics &
Associate Professor 2020-2023   Strategic Planning
Pushkar Ogale Pushkar Ogale Sciences & Mathematics Computer Science Assistant Professor 2018-2021   Administration & Finance
Tina Oswald   Library Library Research Librarian 2020-2023   Faculty Government


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