Stephen F. Austin State University

Office of the General Counsel

Welcome to the Office of the General Counsel

Mission Statement

The Office of the General Counsel seeks to advance the mission of Stephen F. Austin State University by providing legal advice and consultation to the Board of Regents, President, executive officers, and other senior staff on a broad range of laws, regulations, and policies that impact the university. Our office is proud to serve as a liaison between the University and its related and affiliated entities on legal and policy issues.

Our office also works closely with all colleges and departments to ensure effective and efficient administrative services in regards to contract administration and the development and maintenance of policies and procedures. It is our goal to help the university as a whole avoid or reduce exposure to legal risks by creating awareness of legal ramifications and by offering timely and knowledgeable advice when needed.

DISCLAIMER: Please note, the materials presented here are for informational purposes only. Nothing contained herein may be construed as legal advice from the Office of the General Counsel, nor do statements constitute official University policy. Users should consult with the General Counsel when considering a matter with legal implications, and the official policies and procedures of the institution as adopted by the Board of Regents regarding precise policy statements.