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Contract Administration

A contract is an agreement between two parties. It is a good business practice to reduce the agreement to writing. At the very least, the contract should contain these essential elements:

Some thought should be given to whether any liability issues need to be added. In preparing grant contracts, special consideration should be given to clauses which protect intellectual property.

The University cannot agree to indemnify another party. As an entity of the state, indemnification by the state is prohibited by law. Additionally, consideration should be given as to whether the other party should provide insurance coverage.

All contracts using a university-approved template must use the most current version of that template. Any contracts using a prior version will be returned to the originating department, unsigned, by OGC. All contracts, except ORSP contracts, must be routed to the Procurement Office as a starting point for processing. The contracts will be scanned and uploaded into an electronic system, iContracts, and routed to general counsel, then the division vice president for review, then to the president for signature, and finally returned to Procurement. Departments needing originals signatures will be contacted by Procurement when their contract is ready to be picked up.

Contracts may be forwarded to Procurement in any of the following ways:

  1. Electronically (MS Word or editable document format preferred) - email to
  2. Campus mail - Box 13030
  3. Hand delivered - 2124 Wilson Dr. (corner of East College and Wilson Drive, Purchasing & Inventory Building)

To assist us in capturing accurate information in iContracts, please complete a Contract Summary Form from the Procurement website and forward it with your contract. Remember, no employee has authority to sign a contract except the president.

Contracts may require approval by the Board (as specified in Items Requiring Board of Regents Approval, Policy 1.4).

Contracts for research and sponsored programs must be coordinated by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for routing.

It is the responsibility of the originating department to maintain a fully executed copy of all contracts.

Contract Forms