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Facilities Use Agreement

Facilities Use Agreement

The use of university facilities by external users is governed by university policy 16.33, Use of University Facilities. Facilities may not be used for private commercial gain.

The Facilities Use Agreement should be used any time an external party or group uses a university facility. This includes but is not limited to meetings, luncheons, day conferences, recreational activities, and lock-ins. A separate agreement is maintained for use of the small meeting spaces in the Student Center, camps and conferences where attendees reside in the university's housing facilities, and for rentals of the William R. Johnson Coliseum for concerts.

Certain events will require the external party to provide proof of insurance, with the university named as an additional insured. Section 15 of the Facilities Use Agreement has a box that must be marked with the appropriate designation. Insurance is required for any event that is deemed high-risk to the university. This includes but is not limited to rental of the campus recreational facility (excluding use of its meeting room) or other outdoor pursuit activities and overnight activities. Meetings, luncheons, and weddings will ordinarily not require proof of insurance. School districts and government agencies may self-insure and should affirm this fact in the agreement.

Any questions regarding the contracting process should be directed to the Office of the General Counsel. Any questions concerning insurance should be directed to the Office of the General Counsel or the Department of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management.


Facilities Use Agreement

For further information, see:

University Policy - Use of University Facilities - 16.33