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Degree Maps and Plans

Family and Consumer Sciences Degree Maps and Plans

A student interested in pursuing a major in family and consumer sciences will have the option between two degree maps. These maps are created to guide students during their enrollment to ensure they are taking the most appropriate courses for their program at the right time. It is important that students meet with their Academic Advisor at minimum once per semester to be advised on coursework in order to graduate on time. Be sure to read our Academic Advising section to learn more about how academic advising can help you!

To learn more about our four-year program, view our human sciences experiential major matrix brochure.

Family and Consumer Sciences Non-Teaching

If you are interested in learning about effective individual and family living along with consumerism basics but you are not interested in pursuing a teaching certification, then you will want to select the Family & Consumer Sciences Non-Teaching degree. This degree will require a 300-hour internship and allows for a minor up to 18-hours.

Family and Consumer Sciences Composite Teaching

If you are interested in becoming a certified Texas educator to teach Family and Consumer Sciences courses, then you will want to select the Family & Consumer Sciences Composite Teaching degree. This degree will prepare you to complete the AAFCS content composite exam and the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) educators exam. For this program, students complete an internship and clinical teaching.

Academic Advising

Upon your enrollment in our program, you will be assigned an Academic Advisor. This advisor is a professional who directly works with you in serving as an academic resource. Your advisor will guide you on which courses to take, when you need to take them, interpret university policies, as well as help you maintain academic success! At SFA, we require our students to meet with their academic advisor a minimum of once per semester.

In the Perkins College of Education, regardless of your major, you will be assigned to our Freshman Achievement Advisor who has extensive expertise in working with freshman students as they transition to college. Once you gain sophomore or higher standing, you will be assigned your major specific advisor for Family & Consumer Sciences. Please refer to the Academic Advisors for the James I. Perkins College of Education website to contact your advisor!