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Stephen F. Austin State University


The School of Human Sciences Ambassadors

Goals and Purpose:

The School of Human Sciences Ambassadors seeks to create interest and awareness of the academic programs within The School of Human Sciences. The Human Sciences Ambassadors accomplish this by:

  1. Assisting in the recruitment of prospective students through campus tours, class visits, public speaking engagements, and other campus events like Showcase Saturday.
  2. Hosting various events across campus and within The School of Human Sciences.
  3. Promoting networking opportunities within the fields related to human sciences.
  4. Promoting leadership and professional development.
  5. Serving as a mentor to Human Sciences majors in guiding them towards academic, social and professional success.
Membership Eligibility and Requirements:

Membership to The School of Human Sciences Ambassadors is open to all SFASU students who hold a major or minor in The School of Human Sciences. Members are required to uphold a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher and must be enrolled in a minimum of six hours as an undergraduate student, or three hours if classified as a graduate student. All applicants will go through an interview and selection process.

The School of Human Sciences Ambassadors hold a high level of integrity and professionalism. Members are expected to engage in the following events each semester:

Benefits of being an Ambassador:

Upon graduation, students are not only competing against many other graduates for jobs but are needing to showcase experiences, expertise and skills to employers beyond holding a degree. By joining an organization that is intricately connected to your intended profession, you will have first-hand experiences in coordinating and executing events with prospective employers. These networking opportunities will provide valuable connections to your transition from college to career. In addition to assisting you prepare for a career, being an Ambassador will help you develop personal skills by making a positive impact in the lives of prospective and current students and families.

How to Join:

The School of Human Sciences Ambassadors accepts new members at the beginning of each semester. The spring 2020 application is now closed. We will begin recruiting again starting fall 2020.

Guiding Principles:

The School of Human Sciences Ambassadors has a Constitution to serve as guiding principles and set expectations for each student involved. Please review the Constitution to understand the Ambassadors' role and responsibilities.