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Stephen F. Austin State University

Mission, Goals and Objectives (DI)

Dietetic Internship Mission

The mission of the dietetic internship (DI) at SFA is to prepare competent entry-level registered dietitian nutritionists to serve in traditional and emerging dietetics professions in the communities of East Texas and beyond.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: The SFA DI will produce competent entry-level registered dietitian nutritionists in the various areas of clinical, community and food-service management to serve the rural populations of the East Texas region.

Goal 2: The SFA DI will prepare registered dietitian nutritionists to be engaged in their communities, either professionally or through community service activities.

Program Concentration: Community

Our program concentration is community focused, mainly because our location is in a rural setting. These are the competencies that are measured to support this focus:

  1. Using the Nutrition Care Process (NCP), perform a community needs assessment on a target group or area of need.
  2. Develop a grant proposal for an assigned community need, program or service.

Even though our focus is community, we provide 18 to 19 weeks in clinical settings, six to seven weeks in a community setting and six weeks in a food-service management setting. Many of the electives are community focused, and can be chosen depending on your preferences.

Program outcome data is available upon request. Contact Dr. Darla O'Dwyer, DI director, by email at or by phone at 936-468-2439.