Stephen F. Austin State University


Undergraduate Research Conference 2018

Designing for Parkinson's Disease
Daniela Diaz
Mentor: Dr. Mitzi Perritt

Designing for Parkinson's Disease

Gender Atypicality, Felt Pressure to Conform to Gender Norms, and Body Image in 6- to 10-Year-Old Girls
Neusha Khaleghi, Emily A. Sanchez, Jasmine Thompson, Jacqueline Miranda, Haley Paz, Yemy Magana, Brianna Dial, Sarah Savoy
Mentor: Dr. Flora Farago

Gender Atypicality

Hospitality Marketing: The Promotion of Intangible Products
Jessica Pinkert
Mentor: Dr. Gina Fe G. Causin

Hospitality Marketing

How to Navigate the Maze of Dietary Supplements
Sujatha Vegiraju
Mentor: Dr. Darla O'Dwyer

Dietary Supplements

Influence of Older Adults' Income on the Quality and Size of Friends
Dr. Gina Fe G. Causin; Dr. Hyunsook Kang

Influence of Older Adults

Investigating the Perspectives and Experiences of Study Abroad Students
Brittany A. Dunbar
Mentor: Mary S. Olle, Ph.D.

Investigating the Perspectives

Social Media Recruitment Tactics in Hospitality
Carlie Allen
Mentor: Dr. Lynda Martin

Social Media Recruitment Tactics in Hospitality

Sustainability in FCS: Students Making an Impact Using Advocacy and Personal Strengths
Xavier Bishop; Daniela Diaz; Emily Ellis
Mentor: Nancy Shepherd, Ph.D.

Sustainability in FCS

The Use of Psychological Theories to Enhance the Experience of an Event
Stephanie Gray
Mentor: Gina Fe G. Causin, Ph.D.

Psychological Theories

Virtual Reality and the Importance of Utilizing VR in University Hospitality Programs
Kathleen Higgins

Virtual Reality Importance

A World of Fashion and Bias
April Simpson
Mentor: Mary S. Olle, Ph.D.

A World of Fashion and Bias