Stephen F. Austin State University


Internships & Clinical Teaching

The Family and Consumer Sciences program prides itself on engaging our students within their field of interest before graduation. Gaining first-hand experience allows students to develop professionalism and realistic expectations of the workforce. Each student's internship or clinical teaching experience is unique to their desired career.

Family & Consumer Sciences Non-Teaching

All Family and Consumer Sciences non-teaching students will complete a 300 hour internship at an agency of their choice as approved upon by The School of Human Sciences. Students will complete their internship within their last year of coursework. Our non-teaching students have completed internships in cooperative extension, the private business sector, technical industries, and government agencies. A student's internship should address expertise and skillsets from the field of Human Sciences.

Family & Consumer Sciences Teaching

Students who are interested in pursuing education certification will complete a clinical teaching experience during their last semester of coursework. The clinical teaching experience is a twelve-week requirement in which the student works directly under the guidance of a certified public school Family and Consumer Sciences teacher.

Student Experiences

The internship and clinical teaching experience will provide students the opportunity to make a positive impact within their community or assigned school. Below is a video of a Family and Consumer Sciences alumna discussing why she selected Family and Consumer Sciences as her academic path and how her internship allowed her to address community needs here on our very own SFA campus! This student had the opportunity to create a food pantry on the university's campus to address food insecurities among college students. Since her internship, the food pantry has grown exponentially and is now open five days a week to distribute non-perishable items to students in need. Click on the image below to hear about how our student worked with this initiative and feel free to explore the pantry's website, too!
Click on the image to play the video.