Stephen F. Austin State University


Courses in Merchandising

INDS 1113 - Pre-Portfolio Development - (1 hr. Lecture) Introduction to the development of a professional portfolio. Prerequisite: Freshman standing or transfer student. (1 credit hour)

MRCH 1302 - Introduction to Merchandising - The fundamentals of merchandising from concept to consumer; an exploratory study of careers in fashion and interior merchandising.

MRCH 2304 - Trends and Aesthetics in Merchandising - Study of trends and aesthetics and related concepts with application to merchandising; development of skills in evaluation and manipulation of aesthetic components in merchandising activities; investigation and analysis of trends and identification of sources of trend information; branding and value derived factors which influence aesthetics evaluation and preference; elements and principles of design as applied to fashion and interiors.

- Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.

MRCH 1311 - History of Fashion - Study of the evolution of fashion through the decades; emphasis on the relationships of clothing, people and times.

- Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.

MRCH 2333 - Apparel Design - Study of fashion designers and the design process as it relates to apparel production. Contents include sketching, pattern development, fabrication, style terminology and advances in technology.

- Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.

MRCH 2301 - Principles of Textile Sciences - Fibers, fabrics, finishes and the factors influencing appearance, serviceability, and end use; laboratory testing and experiences in selection and care of textile products. Textile science is the science of the development of fabric. The course is a basic textiles course including the study of fibers and their characteristics and performance; fabrication; coloration; and finishing.

MRCH 3306 - Merchandising Mathematics - Basic merchandising mathematics, profitability, cost of merchandise sold, markup as a merchandising tool, retail pricing for profit, inventory valuation, dollar merchandise planning, open-to-buy and assortment planning, planning and problem solving in fashion and interior merchandising operations, calculation of sales figures, discounts, markup/markdowns, six-month budgets, inventory planning and productivity measures.

- Prerequisite: Three hours of general education core mathematics; nine hours merchandising.

MRCH 3323 - Specialty Merchandising - Study of specialized fashion merchandise classifications emphasizing product knowledge, target customers and merchandising techniques; relationship of specialty apparel to the family life cycle.

MRCH 2333 - Apparel Quality Analysis - Development of skills in garment and style evaluation; apparel production with emphasis on commercial techniques and equipment.

MRCH 3320- Visual Merchandising - Three semester credit hours, (two hours lecture, two hours laboratory per week). Techniques for visual presentation of merchandise used to maximize product sales potential; focus is on display, merchandising a sales area, space utilization, lighting, tools and equipment.

- Prerequisites: Junior level; at least six hours in Human Sciences or Business.

MRCH 4303 - Retail Buying - Advancing the strategies of inventory acquisition and control; application of retail math to Excel spreadsheets in planning the assortment plan, six-month merchandise plan, and model stock plans.

MRCH 4319 - Retailing Principles in Merchandising - Principles underlying origination, production, promotion, distribution, marketing, storage, advertising and consumption. Fee required.

- Prerequisites: Junior standing.

HMSC 4120 - Internship/Practicum - Three semester credit hours. Individualized instruction. Supervised on-the-job training program in the field. Fee required.

MRCH 4352 - Entrepreneurship in Fashion and Interiors - Comprehensive study of retail management, research and planning needed by entrepreneurs to start and operate a fashion or interiors retail firm; application of merchandising procedures to the management of a fashion or interiors business.

- Prerequisite: Departmental approval.

MRCH 4363 - Promotion of Fashion and Interior Products - Activities and devices used in the fashion and interior's industries to encourage sales of merchandise and create goodwill including publicity, public relations, special events, fashion shows, personal selling, and advertising. Students must have junior or senior standing to enroll in this course.