Stephen F. Austin State University

Mission & Philosophy


The mission of the Interior Design Program supports the larger vision of the university, college, and school while highlighting the uniqueness of the design discipline. The resulting program mission is to provide an academic foundation which equips graduates to design interior spaces that merge a passion for beauty with a responsible concern for safety, economy, and utility. Values that underlie this mission include the following:

Program Philosophy

The interior design program follows an eclectic philosophy; that is, it draws on aspects of more than one major philosophy. As in idealism, the program relies to some degree on student understanding of historic precedent. Such precedent provides model solutions that have been tested over time. Pragmatism emphasizes the functional aspect of design. While the interior design discipline naturally values aesthetics, to pursue aesthetics alone without regard for function and safety produces a solution of limited significance. The present trend of replicating nature's processes in designing, constructing, and "finishing out" buildings is founded in realism. As with the present focus on sustainable design, a realist seeks to be in-step with nature. Through the combination of these three philosophies, the faculty seek to provide students with a well-rounded interior design education that will equip them for success as emerging professionals.