Stephen F. Austin State University


Interior Design Courses 2020

INDS 1113 - Pre-Portfolio Development - Introduction to the development of a professional portfolio. Prerequisite: Freshman standing or transfer student. (1 credit hour)

INDS 1311 - Introduction to Interior Design - (Lecture) Overview of basic interior design concepts/theories, relationships of principles and elements of design in interior environments; measurements, specifications, and resources used by professional designers.

INDS 2106 - Fundamentals of Interior Design Studio - Interior design fundamentals and presentations for two and three dimensional designs; color theory and principles applied to the development of the spatial envelope; illustrations of spaces through a variety of black, white, and color media. Fee required. Co-requisite: INDS 2206

INDS 2108 - Creative Design Studio - Creative approaches and solutions to interior design problems. Emphasis on theories, design composition and concept development. Application of two and three dimensional design elements and principles in the development of spatial volumes. Co-requisite: INDS 2208

INDS 1370 - History of Interior Furniture, Furnishings and Architecture - (Lecture) Identification of styles of furniture, furnishings, and architecture; the relationships of culture to interiors; survey of styles from antiquity to contemporary which influence interior environments.

INDS 2113 - Residential Design Studio - Introduction to graphic communication techniques for interior design; architectural lettering, mechanical drafting and/or CAD drawing, perspective drawing, problem identification, problem solving and information gathering with a residential focus. (1 credit hour lecture, 2 credit hours lab). Fee required. Prerequisites: INDS 2108 and INDS 2208. Co-requisite: INDS 2213. Failure to make a C or higher in either lecture or lab will require repeating both courses concurrently.

INDS 3121 - Commercial Design Studio - Architectural and decorative aspects of interiors. In-depth studies of spatial concerns, proximities, human factors and finishes. Prerequisites: INDS 3116 and INDS 3216, AGET/HORT 3226 and 3126. Co-requisite: INDS 3221

INDS 3116 - Interior Lighting Studio - Study of lighting sources, techniques, installations, and specifications for residential and commercial interiors. Graphic presentations of lighting concepts. Prerequisite: CMGT 3114 and 3214. Co-requisite: INDS 3216

CMGT 3114 - Building Construction Systems - (Studio) Study of structures, building materials, construction techniques, mechanical and electrical systems, model building, working drawing problems and specification. Prerequisites: INDS 2113 and 2213, AGET/HORT 3225 and 3125, Co-requisite: CMGT 3214

INDS 3319 - Codes and Materials - (Lecture) Building and Interior Codes including model codes, Life Safety, ADA, and materials used in residential and commercial interiors.

INDS 4310 - Design Environmental Factors - (Lecture) In-depth study of the construction components and materials used in building systems. Application of codes utilized in Interiors. Prerequisite: INDS 2113 and 2213

INDS 4112 - Interior Design Capstone Studio I - Study of needs and specific concerns of commercial interiors. Emphasis on universal design, special populations and public welfare. Application of knowledge through large-scale design problems and specifications. Prerequisite: CMGT 3114, Co-requisite: INDS 4212

INDS 4113 - Portfolio Development - (2 credit hours) Organization and refinement of portfolio elements, showcase of student work, and development of digital portfolio.

INDS 4114 - Interior Design Capstone Studio II - Continued exploration of varied commercial spaces and the impact of code regulations upon their design development. Application of knowledge thro
ugh large scale design problems and specifications. Prerequisite: INDS 4112 and 4212. Co-requisite: INDS 4214

INDS 4318 - Professional Practice for Interior Designers - (Lecture) Business and office practice, marketing plans, fees and commissions, preparing estimates, contracts, professional ethics and job opportunities. Fee required. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

HMSC 4120 - Practicum (Internship) - Individualized instruction. Supervised on-the-job training program in area of major study. Prerequisite: INDS 4318

INDS 3125 - Advanced ID Computer Visualization - Advanced topics in ID computer drafting and three-dimensional modeling for spatial design. Fee required. Co-requisite: INDS 3225

INDS 4326 - Field Experience in Human Sciences - Exploration of various human sciences disciplines through foreign/domestic travel opportunities.

ID Support Courses (18 hrs)

ARTS 1316 - Drawing I - Three semester hours, six hours studio, six hours assigned independent study per week. Fundamental of drawing in various media.

ARTS 1312 - 3D Design - Three semester hours, six hours studio, six hours independent study per week. Study of design principles that apply to three-dimensional materials.

ARTS 3311 - Color Theory and Practice - Three semester hours, six hours studio, six hours independent study per week. Practice, theory and study of color in art, media and design. Prerequisite: ARTS 1316, 1312

HORT/AGET 3225 - Design Application Software I (CAD) - 2 hours lecture, 2 hours laboratory per week. An introduction to the use of computer assisted design (CAD) software. The course will acquaint students with basic 2D design principles, utilizing the latest CAD and Architectural software in a computer laboratory setting.

HORT/AGET 3226 - Design Application Software II (CAD) - 2 hours lecture, 2 hours laboratory per week. Advanced course on the use of computer assisted design (CAD) software. Emphasis is placed on three-dimensional drawing and customized design. Experience with latest architectural, mechanical and landscape software. Prerequisites: AGET/HORT 3126.

MCOM 1316 - Photographic Journalism I - Study and practice of photography as a major component of journalism. Emphasis is on basic photography skills. Learn how words and visuals work together to tell a story while gaining proficiency in industry-standard editing software. or

ARTS 2348 - Digital Media I - Three semester hours, six hours studio, six hours independent study per week. Use of the computer as an art took, an introduction to the Macintosh computer and basic drawing and painting programs. Prerequisites: ARTS 1316, 1311 or approval of instructor.

Department Core (6 hrs)

HMSC 1300 - Foundations in Human Sciences - Three semester hours. Introduction to the human sciences professions.

HMSC 3300 - Leadership in Human Sciences - Three semester hours. Focus on leadership functions, protocol, etiquette, ethics and public policy for working in the human sciences related professions. Junior standing