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Stephen F. Austin State University

Family and Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences

Are you interested in studying the relationships among people and their personal environments? Do you have a passion for helping individuals and families develop effective living techniques? Then you should consider pursuing Family and Consumer Sciences as your major! Our degree provides students with concrete knowledge and tangible experiences to successfully launch them into careers focused on consumerism, family and community services, and education!

Within this major, you will take courses related to nutrition and health, meal management, hospitality operations, human development and family studies, design and merchandising, and consumer problems. The special connection of these content areas allows you to develop an interdisciplinary, broad-based view of how people interact with their personal environments which shapes their culture.

Ultimately, our profession strives to understand issues that relate to meeting the basic needs of individuals and families. Therefore it helps to be interested in families, communities, and social issues.

AAFCS Accreditation

When selecting your major, it's important to consider if your degree is accredited. An accreditation is usually conducted by a board of professionals from a professional organization associated with your industry. When a program is accredited, it validates that your degree meets certain quality standards. These standards are based on the curriculum students engage in, the educational service provided to the students, and the quality of work produced by the students.

The Family and Consumer Sciences program is accredited by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS). The AAFCS is a national organization comprised of professionals whose mission is to help individuals, families and communities achieve an optimal quality of life. Because of this accreditation, our program has been ranked among the top Family and Consumer Sciences program in the nation!

SFA's family and consumer sciences degree ranked among top 50 in the nation

SFA has been ranked among the top 50 great value colleges for family and consumer sciences degrees in the nation by Great Value Colleges, a website dedicated to helping students discover the best degree and college for them.

SFA's No. 47 ranking among the almost 400 U.S. colleges identified for comparison distinguishes it as one of the most attractive programs for consumer sciences students.

The ranking was created based on master's and doctoral degree, research, internship and scholarship opportunities. Data also was collected from and university websites.


FCS Degree Tracks

The Family and Consumer Sciences program is comprised of two degree tracks. Students can select from non-teaching or teaching routes, as listed below.