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SFA Rehabilitation Services Career Planning Laboratory

Welcome to the SFA Rehabilitation Services Career Planning Laboratory

Founded in 2002, the SFA Rehabilitation Career Planning Laboratory is recognized by the State of Texas as a Community Rehabilitation Program. In support of the mission of both the Perkins College of Education and the Department of Human Services, the objective of this laboratory is to prepare competent, successful, caring, and enthusiastic professionals by active involvement in training, research, and service.

Training. The Laboratory provides career planning skills training for both undergraduate and graduate rehabilitation students. Under the supervision of Dr. Bill Weber, students practice vocational interviewing skills, test administration, and vocational evaluation report writing in the laboratory. The facility is equipped with electronic vocational testing equipment and work samples as well as aptitude, interest, and work personality assessment tools.

SFA Rehabilitation Career Planning Laboratory

Service. As a Community Rehabilitation Program, the laboratory provides employment-related services to persons with disabilities referred by both the Division of Blind Services and the Division of Rehabilitation Services of the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services. Students learn to become caring professionals translating classroom knowledge into real services to people. They help East Texans with disabilities to get back into the labor market employed in jobs that they enjoy.

Research. The Career Planning Laboratory also has ongoing research into the phenomenon of work self-efficacy.

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