Stephen F. Austin State University

HB 2504

2020 HB 2504 Compliance Report

Stephen F. Austin State University addresses the requirements and subsequent related rules of House Bill 2504 (2009) as enacted the by Texas Legislature through the Texas Education Code. The University designates the Associate Provost for Curriculum and Instruction as the official institutional House Bill 2504 compliance administrator. The University reports House Bill 2504 compliance with all three section requirements:

  1. Internet Access to Course Information
    Subchapter Z, Chapter 51, Education Code Sec. 51.974
  2. Online List of Work-Study Employment
    Subchapter E, Chapter 56, Education Code Sec. 56.080
  3. Uniform Standards for Publication of Cost of Attendance
    Subchapter C, Chapter 61, Education Code Sec. 61.0777
Internet Access to Course Information

Within two clicks from the University main public webpage, undergraduate credit course information is displayed and includes syllabi and vitae for each course section and instructor by semester and year. Data from Fall 2009 to current are available for exploration. The course section syllabus includes major course requirements, assignments, and examination descriptions. Required or recommended readings and course objectives are presented to help describe the subject matter and expectations in each course section. Vitae detail the faculty education, teaching experience and qualifications, including significant professional contributions and publications. Course information is displayed online within seven days of the first class day of each semester.
Course evaluations are conducted each semester towards the end of the semester. Course questions are customized by discipline areas for specific responses from students enrolled. Evaluation data assist instruction improvement, faculty mentoring, and personnel decisions and are currently available in detailed formats to faculty and administration. Improvements to the course evaluation process and administration are being considered.

The University publishes an annual budget online which includes general budgetary information by academic unit. However, specific academic unit budgets are not currently available online for linking to each course.

Online List of Work-Study Opportunities

Work-study information and the link to available job opportunities are publicly accessible on the University financial aid site. The University maintains continuously current online work-study opportunities searchable by department.

Uniform Standards for Publication of Cost of Attendance Information

Stephen F. Austin State University provides cost of attendance details as prescribed by Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). The total cost of education for one year and estimated tuition, fees, books and supplies, room and board, and miscellaneous expenses are presented uniformly through the THECB-developed Net Price Calculator on the state "College For All Texans" site. Additionally, Stephen F. Austin State University website presents cost of attendance details and information and prominently displays a quick reference link to the State Net Price Calculator.

Future Plans

Enhancing the usefulness and accessibility of House Bill 2504 information are Stephen F. Austin State University priorities. In addition to launching the online course evaluation plan identified above, several other improvements are being developed for consideration:

The Stephen F. Austin State University commitment to student success and open communication with any interested constituents is demonstrated by continuous improvement and sustained accountability with many strategic initiatives, including House Bill 2504 reporting.

Questions or further clarification regarding Stephen F. Austin State University House Bill 2504 reporting may be directed to the Associate Provost for Curriculum and Instruction.