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The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Health Science is a dynamic major that is interdisciplinary in nature, and provides options that allow students to prepare for various careers in public health education and health promotion in settings, such as hospitals, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and worksite health promotion programs.

This degree exposes students to a wide-range of health science careers, while providing the foundational courses required for professional post-graduate work, such as public health, health education, physical therapy, occupational therapy, environmental health and more!

Health Science Experiential Major Matrix Brochure

Community Health

For students planning to conduct health education and health promotion in a non-classroom setting, the curriculum includes advanced concepts in consumer health, environmental health, chemical dependency, human sexuality, and evaluation and administration of health programs. Community Health majors will complete 39 hours, a minimum of 18 hours advanced. HLTH 1304, 2316, 2335, 3337, 351, 4325, 4330, 4336, 4389, 4370, HLTH 4175 elective and HLTH 4180 internship.

Students will complete an internship in a community health agency.



HLTH 1304 Core Concepts in Health
HLTH 2316 Introduction to Community Health
HLTH 2335 Health Concepts for Children and Adolescents
HLTH 3337 Consumer Health
HLTH 3345 Prevention and Control of Diseases
HLTH 3351 Substance Prevention Education
HLTH 4325 Social Health and Sexual Interactions
HLTH 4330 Health and the Maturation Process
HLTH 4336 Environmental Health
HLTH 4370 Senior Seminar
HLTH 4180 Internship
HLTH 4389 Health Assessment and Intervention


Internships are one of the major strengths of the Health Science curriculum. Properly structured experiences compliment and reinforce the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom and laboratory course.

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Scholarships and Awards

University Regents Scholarship

Each academic department awards two academic scholarships to academically gifted undergraduates. The recipient must be an incoming freshman, a sophomore or junior who has not previously attended SFA. Emphasis will be placed on awarding these scholarships to incoming freshmen who have declared Kinesiology, Health Science, or Dance as a major.

The Alvera Griffin Health Education Scholarship

Founded by Dr. Griffin in 1979, this scholarship is awarded to a junior or senior Health Science major or minor.

The Dorothy Allen Health Education Scholarship

Established in 1990, this scholarship is awarded annually to a Health Science major or student selecting Health Science as a second teaching field.

Health Science Faculty

Cegelka, Derek Ph.D.
Cegelka, Derek Ph.D. - Assistant Professor Educational Background: Dr. Cegelka received his B.S. in Health Science from Lock Haven University, his MPH from East Stroudsburg University and his Ph.D. in Health Education from The University of Toledo. Research/Areas of Interest: My research interests include death and dying, end-of-life issues, gerontology, and sexuality issues. Office: HPE room 217 Phone: 936.468.2353
Hawkins, Dr. Mary
Hawkins, Dr. Mary Educational Background: Dr. Hawkins received her B.S. in biology, two M.Ed. degress in health and wellness promotion and sports administration from Northwestern State University of Louisiana and her Ph.D. in health science from the University of Arkansas. Research/Areas of Interest: Community and Public Health; disease prevention; active living, program planning, and program evaluation. Office: HPE room 214 Phone: 936.468.1610
Rust, DawnElla M., Ed.D.
Rust, DawnElla M., Ed.D. - Professor Educational Background: Dr. Rust received her B.S. in Community Health from Oklahoma State University, her M.S. in Health and Physical Education from Emporia State University, and her Ed.D. in Health Promotion from Oklahoma State University. Research/Areas of Interest: Dr. Rust's professional goal is to make "healthy" the easy choice through policy, environmental change, and system change. Office: HPE Room 215 Phone: 936.468.1495
Stewart, John PhD
Stewart, John PhD - Asst Professor Office: HPE 213 Phone: 936.468.5497
Wagner-Greene, Victoria PhD
Wagner-Greene, Victoria PhD - Assistant Professor Office: HPE 218 Phone: 936.468.1543