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Dance at SFA


Welcome to the SFASU Dance Program. We are here to assist you in achieving your academic and professional goals in modern dance, jazz dance, ballet, choreography/dance composition, performance, and dance history. You will find class sizes ideal for receiving individual attention from teachers while getting to know your fellow dancers. You will have opportunities to perform, choreograph, create, and participate in technical aspects of production while pursing a dance major or minor.

We offer two concentrations: Performance/Choreography and Teacher Certification. Whether you are a transfer student or a first-time freshman, we hope you will take every opportunity to develop your skills and passion for dance, in order to launch your chosen career as a dancer.

Heather Samuelson
Dance Program Director

About the Dance Program

History of the Dance Major

Courses in dance originally supported the curriculum for both men and women majoring in Physical Education; however, over time dance became its own specialized field of study. In the 1980's, a Teaching Field in Dance was established for students pursuing teacher certification in the State of Texas; and in 1994, the Bachelor of Science in Dance was approved.

Mission Statement of the Dance Program

The primary mission of the B.S. degree program in Dance is the professional preparation of teachers who possess a breadth of understanding in the discipline and will continue to uphold standards of excellence as they, in turn, make contributions to dance in education and as an art form. Students are encouraged to reach their highest technical and creative potential to the extent that, should they desire to pursue graduate studies in Dance or a performing career, they will be sufficiently prepared to realize their goals.

Dance Degrees

The Dance Program is a division of the Department of Kinesiology and Health Science, College of Education. The philosophy of the Program is to instill within each student sound principles of movement, scholarship, and professional attitudes with teacher-preparation courses comprising an important component of the curriculum.

Dance majors and minors are required to be enrolled in ballet, modern or jazz dance each semester while completing curriculum requirements. If a student has met the degree requirements for the technique courses, then they must enroll in a zero hour independent study technique course while completing curriculum requirements.


Dance Experiential Major Matrix Brochure

The following options are available:



Dance Classes

DANC 1241 Ballet I
DANC 1247 Jazz Dance I
DANC 1244 Modern Dance I
DANC 1210 Tap Dance I
DANC 1206 Ballroom Dance
DAN 200 Special Studies in Dance
DANC 2242 Ballet II
DANC 2248 Jazz Dance II
DANC 2245 Modern Dance II
DAN 228 Topics in World Dance
DANC 1222 World Dance
DANC 3300 Improvisation and Composition of Dance
DANC 3201 Rhythmic Analysis of Dance Movement
DANC 3243 Ballet III
DANC 3249 Jazz Dance III
DANC 3246 Modern Dance III
DANC 3341 History and Philosophy of Dance
DANC 3356 Dance Production
DANC 3260 Dance Performance
DANC 4300 Theory and Practice of Dance
DANC 4380 Choreographic Project

The Teaching Field

The teaching field is equivalent to the Major with regard to studies in dance. In addition to the above-mentioned course work, Teaching Field students take classes in professional education.


Denard Haden Award

The Denard Haden Award is granted annually to a junior or senior dance major who has successfully contributed to the Dance Program in the areas of choreography, performance, scholarship, and/or service.

Katie Garrett Norton Dance Award

The Katie Garrett Norton Dance Award is granted annually to the junior who has achieved the highest grade point average among dance majors and teaching field students.

Excellence in Dance Award

The Excellence in Dance Award is granted annually to a Dance Major who has contributed to the program in the areas of performance, choreography, service and/or academics.

Travel Awards

Travel awards through the Office of Student Affairs have supported student participation in events such as the American College Dance Festival.

Dance Faculty

Samuelson, Heather
Samuelson, Heather - Assistant Professor & Dance Program Coordinator Research/Areas of Interest: Specializes in Modern Dance techniques, in the Limon Style and Choreography. Office: HPE Room 211 Phone: 936.468.1614
Moore, Mandi
Moore, Mandi - Assistant Professor of Dance Office: HPE 210 Phone: 936.468.1755