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Stephen F. Austin State University



A Dance minor (19 credit hours) --

Technique (10 hours):

Ten hours from DANC 1241, 1247, 1244 and 2245

Theory and Practice (9 credit hours):

Nine hours from DANC 3300, 3201, 3341 and 3260

Dance major and minors are required to be enrolled in ballet, modern or jazz dance each semester while completing curriculum requirements. If a student has met the degree requirements for the technique courses, then they must enroll in a zero hour independent study technique course while completing curriculum requirements.

Dance Team Coaching Minor

The dance team coaching minor is designed for students majoring in education fields of study. The purpose is to provide students with specific knowledge and skills that would prepare students to coach dance and spirit teams in both secondary and collegiate settings. Minors must take these 10 hours: KINE 3221, KINE 3222, KINE 3323, and KINE 3324. Minors must take 10 hours from the following courses: DANC 1241, DANC 1244, DANC 2242, DANC 2245, DANC 3243, or DANC 3246.