Stephen F. Austin State University

Get Inclusive: Voices for Change online training

*Holds related to this training are lifted automatically overnight upon completion of the training modules. Students are expected to view the entire training and spend the required active minutes necessary to complete the course before their hold will be lifted.*

Get Inclusive: Voices for Change Online Training

In the spirit of the SFA Way and to promote a culture of respect and understanding all incoming students are required to complete an online training called Get Inclusive: Voices for Change. This program is designed to help prepare college students for issues they may confront at college. It covers important topics such as students' rights and responsibilities; preventing sexual violence, dating violence, stalking, harassment and bullying; bystander intervention; substance use; and acting as allies for others in need.

The Voices for Change training is required for all incoming students and is available on the home tab of mySFA under Student Training. This has been required by Federal Mandate & State Law since 2014. Students will be able to access other trainings as assigned through this link as well.

To access the course please follow these instructions:

Typically students will receive an invitation e-mail within a few days of registering for their first class at SFA to let them know the training is available. Students are encouraged to complete the training prior to arriving on campus, but are required to complete the training no later than the first week of classes each semester.

Additional Training Resources

Additional training courses related to various prevention and success topics are available to individual students and student groups and include the following topics: