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Student Training Resources

Because Lumberjacks Care we have several ways to learn more about preventing all forms of sexual misconduct. We offer a variety of online training options as well as community events and face to face trainings.

In addition to the required trainings regarding sexual assault prevention and response, there are several other online training courses that may be required of students based on other responsibilities or involvement on campus (student employment, study abroad, etc.).

Online Student Training Options

Students can access a variety of online trainings through MySFA on the Home Tab under Student Trainings. All incoming students attending SFA for the first time are required to take Student Empower Plus. A list of current courses currently offered and that may be found online are listed below. The list includes the title of the training, a brief description, who is required to take the training, and a contact for questions about the training.

Course Description Requirement Contact for Questions

Get Inclusive: Voices for Change

This course is part of the primary prevention efforts to addresses both substance use and gender discrimination (including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual harassment, and stalking) and provides information regarding prevention and response to sexual assault on campus.

This course is required of all incoming students at SFASU including online, commuter, and residential students. It has been required by Federal Mandate & State Law since 2014. It should be completed prior to enrollment when possible, and no later than the first week of classes each semester.

OEDI Compliance e-mail:

Holds are lifted automatically overnight after completion of the training.

Security Basics Provides overview of security risks related to computer use including. Required of student employees as determined by individual departments. Check with your direct supervisor if it is required.

Child Abuse and Molestation Awareness and Prevention in Texas

Provides information on Texas law regarding mandatory reporting of child abuse, which includes child sexual abuse and molestation. Required for individuals working with minors on campus.

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Upcoming Training Events

The Title IX office in cooperation with other departments, student groups, and the Family Crisis Center team up to sponsor a variety of events throughout the year. Follow @LumberjacksCare on Twitter to keep up to date with upcoming events.