Stephen F. Austin State University


Grounds for Appeal

Either party may appeal for either a Determination of an Adjudication, or Dismissal of a Formal Complaint, on the following grounds:

  1. A procedural irregularity that affected the outcome
  2. There is new evidence that was not available at the time the determination or dismissal was made, that could have affected the outcome
  3. The Title IX Coordinator, Investigator, Hearing Panel, or Administrative Officer had a conflict of interest or bias for or against one of the parties involved that affected the outcome.

No other grounds for appeal are permitted.

Deadline to File for an Appeal

A party must file an appeal within seven (7) calendar days of the date that they receive notice of dismissal or determination appealed from, or within three calendar days of the other party appealing (if the other Party appeals), whichever is the later.

How to File for an Appeal

All parties will be sent a link to the Appeal Form upon notification of the finding of their case.

The appeal must specify: