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Federal regulation mandates that universities may only offer students certain types of financial aid packages for courses that are in the student's degree plan. SFA utilizes Course Program of Study, a platform through parent company Ellucian, that enables proper evaluation of enrolled courses in relation to each student's declared program of study. Note: This process is handled by the Office of the Registrar. The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships cannot make corrections or resolve CPOS issues.

How CPOS errors are determined

When the registrar's office runs CPOS, a report is generated after comparing each student's current registration with their degree plan located in CAPP, SFA's degree audit system. If a student has applied for financial aid and registered for a course outside their degree plan, a CPOS error will be applied on the student's account and the registrar's office will notify the appropriate advisor and department chair.

Report details

CPOS will only evaluate one semester at a time, even if registration is open for multiple semesters. Read the overlapping registration section for more details.

Daily reports

Monday through Friday evenings, CPOS runs automatically on students who, earlier that same day, experienced one of the following changes for the semester is being evaluated:

  • Grade change
  • Major change
  • Registration change

Weekend reports

CPOS is run once a week on all registered students for any changes to the semester being evaluated that may impact their record outside the changes reviewed in the daily report.

These are considered "forced runs." 

Overlapping registration

To ensure accurate reporting, only one semester is considered "on" in CPOS at a time. However, early registration for the upcoming semester(s) will open before the current semester ends. Here is what you can expect:

General timeline
  1. Current semester is "on" in CPOS until the end of the semester.
  2. Toward the end of the current semester:

Throughout the year:

  • Early May: last CPOS report for spring semester generated and the semester is turned "off" in CPOS.
  • Early May: Summer semester is turned "on" in CPOS, which will run through August.
  • Late July: Fall semester will run on weekends only until the summer term is turned "off" in CPOS.
Summer 2024 example:

A student who registers for a summer class outside their degree plan on Tuesday, April 30 would not appear on a report until Saturday, May 4. This is because at the time of registration, the summer semester was not yet "on" and therefore only evaluated in weekend reports.

Things to know before you begin:

  • Repeated courses incorrectly appear under "Courses Not Used" on the student's CAPP. At this time, Ellucian has not offered a timeline on correcting the problem.
  • Zero-hour courses don't affect tuition and are ineligible to receive financial aid.
  • Developmental courses (Math 0398 and INRW 0399) are eligible to receive financial aid up to 30 combined total semester credit hours, even if the courses fall under "Courses Not Used" on the student's CAPP.
  • Thesis Research and Thesis Writing courses (course numbers 5189 and 5190) should receive a WH grade until the semester of graduation.

Consequences of giving a letter grade too early on a thesis course:

If a student receives a letter grade, the course meets the requirement in the degree plan completely and any future registration in the course will not be eligible to receive financial aid.

Adjustable-hour courses:

If the student's degree plan requires three semester credit hours and the student registers for six semester credit hours, you'll need to submit an adjustment request through a petition by emailing

Resolving a CPOS error

Once resolution is complete, email with the student's name, campus ID number, course information and term. 

Getting started

When a student is registered for a course that is ineligible for financial aid, advisors should look at the student's degree evaluation CAPP in SFA's Self-Service Banner system through mySFA.

If a course is falling under "Courses Not Used", it is not eligible to receive financial aid. In some cases, this occurs in error. Review the common issues and resolution paths below.

Check for accuracy on student's degree information

  • Make sure the student's major, concentration, minor and catalog are all accurate.
    • Music, education and other majors often need their concentration added.
    • If one of these needs to be updated, the advisor or academic dean should complete the field of study change form.
Accessing the field of study change form:
  • Submit the form online through the Advisor tab on mySFA.
  • Request a paper copy from the registrar's office by emailing

Is substitution needed?

  • If a substitution is needed, the advisor or academic dean should make the update in the student's CAPP.
  • If the substitution does not resolve the issue, submit a "CAPP modification request", located on the student's SSB degree evaluation report webpage.

Is the course a hidden prerequisite?

If the student registered for a course that is not on their degree plan but is a prerequisite for a course that is on their degree plan, notify the registrar's office by emailing

Are science lab courses listed in the correct CAPP section?

  • If a university core science, required on the degree plan, has a credit-bearing co-requisite core science lab that is not on the student's degree plan: The co-requisite lab should be in the "Preparatory Courses" section of the student's CAPP. If the co-requisite lab is not listed in the correct section, notify the registrar's office by emailing
    • Example: CHEM 1311, General Chemistry I, is part of the university core. Its co-requisite lab, CHEM 1111, is required for CHEM 1311 but if it is not on a student's foundation or major required courses, it should be listed under "Preparatory Courses."
Other issues?

If the issue remains unresolved, notify the registrar's office through the "CAPP Programming Concerns" link, located on the student's SSB degree evaluation report webpage.