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Open SFA

Open SFA

This website will be updated throughout the summer as information becomes available.

For up-to-date information on our Fall 2020 reopening plans and procedures:

Visit Open SFA: Guide to Fall 2020

On-campus living requirement lifted

on-campus living announcementThe on-campus living requirement is designed to provide a great supportive environment for students during the start of their collegiate journeys. While there is evidence that living on-campus supports student success, we know that during this particular time, students may be more comfortable living off-campus. Therefore, the live-on campus residency requirement for the 2020-21 academic year is lifted.

Hello, Lumberjacks!

I am happy to announce our offerings at SFA this fall will be more flexible than ever. We will have on-campus, face-to-face classes, and full housing and dining options will be available so students can enjoy the vibrant experience for which SFA is well known.

We'll also have expanded online offerings and more accelerated (eight-week) options than ever before. We've expanded our classroom technologies and our student support services to make sure students have every possible opportunity to choose the educational environment with which they are most comfortable.

We are still working on all the details and will be providing more information in the coming weeks. Have a great summer, and axe 'em!

Scott Gordon Signature

Dr. Scott Gordon

Dear Lumberjack family,

We look forward with anticipation to the fall semester and delivering the unique academic experiences that define SFA, as well as the energy our students bring to campus. The extraordinary work and innovation that have carried us through the past few months give me confidence in our ability to reach our goals for the 2020-21 academic year in a safe and efficient manner.

We know that students’ learning experiences are enhanced by being close to faculty, labs and classrooms, and by being close to other students, especially those from different backgrounds, but our path forward will require creativity and patience. As the COVID-19 pandemic and our response to it continue to evolve, we will work within the boundaries of governmental guidelines to ensure that every phase of our return to campus occurs with the safety of our campus population in mind. We will manage this launch efficiently, using the best available data and verifiable research to make good decisions.

To this end, we have established an Open SFA Task Force with eight specialized teams, listed below, that will report to me through the President's Cabinet. I have asked Dr. Steve Westbrook, vice president for university affairs, to chair the Open SFA Task Force. With guidance from health experts, the task force is charged with the important mission of bringing our students, faculty and staff back to campus safely while ensuring high-quality instruction with academic rigor, meaningful research and campus engagement. We expect to announce the university plans for the fall semester by the end of June. This will provide time to reopen facilities, integrate new learning technologies, and prepare to implement new health and safety practices and policies. It also will allow students to prepare for the fall term and faculty to develop their classes to best serve our students.


Scott Gordon Signature

Scott Gordon

Working Teams and Leaders

Dr. Hans Williams, Dean, Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

Ryan Ivey, Director, Athletics

Carrie Charley, Director, Auxiliary Services

Dr. Shirley Luna, Executive Director, University Marketing Communications

Physical Plant
Ron Watson, Director, Physical Plant

Public Safety
John Fields, Chief, University Police Department

Ken Morton, Director, Campus Recreation

Student Affairs
Dr. Adam Peck, Associate Vice President and Dean, Student Affairs


  • Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management - Dr. Jeremy Higgins
  • General Counsel - Damon Derrick
  • Government Relations – Dr. Charlotte Sullivan
  • Health Services – Dr. Janice Ledet
  • Human Resources - Lisa Balty