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June 3, 2020 - Employee Return-to-Work

Open SFA

This website will be updated throughout the summer as information becomes available.

For up-to-date information on our Fall 2020 reopening plans and procedures:

Visit Open SFA: Guide to Fall 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Starting today, SFA will begin a phased "return-to-work" schedule for employees who have been working remotely or by some other alternative work arrangement. This "return-to-work" plan and detailed guidance on the protocols that accompany the plan are outlined in the documents attached. The documents will also be available on the OPEN SFA website under the "Employees" tab. We will continue to focus on everyone’s health and safety as we begin a return to a more normal schedule in a careful and measured manner.

The information and guidance provided in the attached documents may be updated over time as the information and guidance we receive from public health agencies and state leaders evolves. This has been, and continues to be, a dynamic situation, and I appreciate your patience and understanding when changes occur.

Here is the basic schedule:

Phase One: June 3 – 11

  • Supervisors should communicate with employees who are working remotely about returning to a regular schedule and location for work. Student employees can be included in this return as determined by their department.
  • Employees may begin to return to their regular place of work anytime during this phase.
  • The executive order issued by the president in March that authorized division heads to approve or deny telecommuting requests for their employees will expire on July 2. Therefore, employees who are currently working under a temporary emergency approval to telecommute and are at higher risk of severe illness from the virus should contact their supervisor about submitting a request for an alternative work schedule as outlined in the guidelines posted on the Human Resources website or completing a new request to telecommute using the process outlined in Policy 11.27.

(June 12 and 15 are staff furlough days)

Phase Two: June 16 – July 2

  • Employees should return to their normal work schedules at their normal work locations on the date agreed upon with their supervisor unless a request to extend alternative work arrangements is in progress.
  • Campus buildings will reopen unless restricted access is still necessary based on occupancy rate or other appropriate reasons.

(July 3 and 6 are staff furlough days)

Phase Three: July 7 - forward

  • All employees will have returned to their normal work locations on a normal schedule unless an alternative work arrangement has been approved.
  • All buildings will be open during regular hours.

So, starting now, supervisors should begin to work with their employees who have been working remotely to determine a return-to-campus date. Employees who are considered at higher risk of severe illness from the coronavirus are encouraged to work with their supervisor to seek alternative work arrangements, if possible. The Human Resources Department stands ready to assist with these discussions.

I am grateful for the outstanding work that has been done under very challenging circumstances in recent months, and I am excited about the summer school successes and the prospect of a fall semester.

Stay safe, and axe ’em!

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Scott Gordon