Stephen F. Austin State University


Student Parking

Parking can be a challenge on any college campus, and the SFA campus is land locked which can make it even more so. College campuses are known for green, tree-lined, pedestrian-friendly, gathering places, which is in direct contrast to paving all property up to the front doors of our buildings. Our mission is to provide the best possible customer support to students, faculty, staff, and visitors by maximizing utilization of available parking spaces, by providing a clean, safe and friendly parking environment, and by accommodating campus parking needs and growth.

Students may purchase permits to allow them to park their car on campus. The person to whom a university parking permit is issued is responsible for any citation issued with respect to a car displaying that permit or a vehicle registered through Parking by that person. If the vehicle does not display a valid university parking permit and is not registered through Parking to any university permit holder, then the person to whom the vehicle is registered through the Texas Department of Transportation or other government agency at the time of issuance of the citation and that individual's university affiliate (faculty, staff or student) are responsible for the citation. It is the permit holder's responsibility to make parking regulations known to any person operating a vehicle on University property.

Please complete the permit application through the Parking Portal via your mySFA account. The fee for the permit will be posted to your eBill.

Student Permit Types, Eligibility, and Prices

Class "PG" - Student Center Garage Permit

Class "C" - Commuter Student Permit

Class "H" - Resident Student Permit

Class "M" - Motorcycle Permit

Class "S" - Commuter Student Daily Surface Permit

Class "K" - Resident Housing Student Daily Surface Permit

Permit Rates and Prorated Prices

Permit Type Annual Spring Summer
Garage Annual $435 NA NA
Garage Semester $200 $200 NA
Commuter $112 $76 $37
Resident $145 $99 $48
Motorcycle $60 $43 $22