Stephen F. Austin State University

Fraud & Ethics

Stephen F. Austin State University is committed to excellence and promoting the highest level of ethical conduct by our administration, faculty, staff and university community. To this end, the University maintains policies regarding fraudulent or unethical conduct as well as procedures and responsibilities for detecting, reporting and resolving instances of known or suspected fraudulent activity and prescribes a coordinated approach toward investigation and resolution of fraudulent activity. Reference SFA policy, Fraud (2.7).

Purchases From Employees

Purchases (including p-card, requisition, purchase order and purchase voucher) from an SFA officer or employee are prohibited unless the price is equal to or less than that which can be obtained from any other known and ethical source, regardless of the dollar amount. Reference SFA policy, Purchases From Employees (C-27).

Disclosure of Substantial Interest

Purchases from any person or entity with which the officer or employee has a family, financial or personal relationship should be avoided where possible or otherwise disclosed and managed. In addition, disclosures are required for pending or active research or other sponsored activities. Reference SFA policies, Purchasing Ethics and Confidentiality (17.22), Financial Conflicts of Interest in Sponsored Activities (8.2) and Employee Conflict of Interest Disclosures.

Where to Report Fraud or Ethics Concerns


The University uses a third party phone and internet based reporting system called EthicsPoint to provide a confidential reporting system for the community. This system allows employees, vendors and customers to report issues or concerns in a totally anonymous and confidential manner. EthicsPoint provides a follow-up and response mechanism, while at the same time protecting reporter anonymity. As a member of the SFA or vendor community you may be in a position to observe not only questionable or unethical behavior by SFA employees, but also to see areas in need of a change to avoid the appearance of unethical behavior. You may communicate your observations anonymously by clicking on EthicsPoint to file a report or voice a concern. Be assured this is a fast, easy and totally confidential system, and SFA will appropriately investigate each report.

Advantages of using Ethics Point to report fraud and ethics concerns:
Information to Report
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