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University Procurement Cards

The P-Card program provides a more efficient, cost-effective method for paying for supplies and small items in amounts not exceeding $5,000. The p-card is not intended to avoid or bypass appropriate purchasing procedures or bidding requirements. All purchases must be made in accordance with University Policy 17.11 Procurement Card

The p-card is to be used for official University business purposes only and may not be used for ANY personal transactions.

The p-card is issued in the employee's name. The cardholder (employee) is responsible and accountable for the security and documentation associated with the use of the p-card.

All cardholders will be added to a P-Card ListServ through which updates and changes will be posted.

P-Card in Concur

SAP Concur is now SFA's Travel and Expense Management system. The P-Card program will begin utilizing the Purchase Card processing feature within Concur Expense beginning with the May 4, 2021 billing cycle.

Concur streamlines p-card processes into one efficient solution. Banner detailing, WebFocus reports, and the P-Card Records Portal are being replaced by this modern, centralized and automated platform.

Concur P-Card Manual

P-Card Manual for SAP Concur


Cardholder training video for navigating Concur and submitting monthly p-card statement reports. A manual is also available that includes detailed instructions on how to view profile information, verify email address(es), view delegates, upload receipts, submit a statement report, and more.

P-Card: Concur Training for Cardholders (video)

*P-Card Reconciling in Concur training is available in myTraining for cardholders who reconcile their own card(s).


Delegates have the responsibility of reconciling p-card transactions in Concur on behalf of cardholders. A detailed training video is accessible via myTraining. See manual.

To view the training:

  1. Go to myTraining (mySFA -- Employee tab -- myTraining in the Training section)
  2. Browse for training
  3. Select Accounting & Finance in the Subject section on the left side of page
  4. P-Card Reconciling in Concur


Supervisors and financial managers will be responsible for approving monthly p-card statement reports. If listed as both the supervisor and financial manager, it is not required to approve the same report in both roles. See manual.

Supervisors are listed in the SFA Hierarchy Maintenance Table and will approve the entire p-card statement report. *Refer to the Knowledge Base for more information about the hierarchy feature in Banner.

P-Card: Concur Training for Supervisor Approvers (video)

Financial Managers will approve only the transactions that utilize their ORG.

P-Card: Concur Training for Financial Managers (video)

Procurement Card Coordinator

For more questions about the university's procurement card program, check out the FAQs or contact the Procurement Card Coordinator:

x4353 or

Request a P-Card

P-Card and Travel Card applications have moved to SAP Concur request. There is no longer a need for the Card Application paper form. Future Cardholders can access the application in SAP Concur through mySFA resources tab. Instructions on completing and submitting the form can be found HERE. Once it has been submitted the application will go through a Workflow of the Cardholder's Supervisor. If the Supervisor is not the department head then the Supervisor must "Approve & Forward" to the appropriate department head for approval. The application will then be processed through the Disbursement office. Training will be required before issuance of card.

All cardholders must attend P-Card Procedures training. Banner access is needed if detailing the p-card.

Banner Access Request Form (email or fax to 1117)

Go to myTraining to schedule P-Card Procedures Training. P-Card Detail Entry Training is also required if cardholder will be doing their own transaction detailing.

Vendor Hold Search

For purchases that exceed $500 you must identify the vendor and verify their State of Texas warrant hold status. Go to the Texas Comptroller HERE to look up vendors or by contacting the P-Card Coordinator. The P-Card Coordinator will inform all cardholders of vendors found to be on hold with the state that are commonly paid using the P-Card.

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