Stephen F. Austin State University

Miscellaneous Building & Construction Supplies

Miscellaneous Building and Construction Supplies (i.e. paint, hardware, appliances)

Contract Term: 9/1/2020 - 8/31/2021

Purchasing Contact: Kimberly Jones 936.468.6551


Lowe's ProServices

220 N Stallings Drive Nacogdoches, TX 75965

Phone: 936.560.7100

Contract No: E & I Contract #CNR01375 View contract

Ordering Instructions

Physical Plant can always be your starting point when considering these purchases. Please reach out to them at 936.468.3906.

General Information

Our local Lowe's is on the E&I Cooperative Contract. Most any item can be purchased on our professional services account. Most of our Physical Plant department has a key fob that they use at checkout that allows us to make these purchases and get discounted pricing off of the E&I Cooperative Contract. Lowe's also has installation services available. Explore your options and take advantage of being able to make use of this cooperative and all it has to offer.