Stephen F. Austin State University


Ordering Instructions

All departments are encouraged to get quotes from multiple vendors, using multiple state or purchasing cooperative contracts during the final 6 months of their current copier lease. Below is a listing of current vendors on campus and if a department knows of a different vendor they can get a quote but it must be on a state or purchasing cooperative contract.

Before or after a department has received quotes the department can contact their buyer to assist with the copier ordering process. After the department has reviewed and decided on a new copier to begin the ordering process the quote must be emailed to either Andrea or Linda and a requisition will need to be entered.

Finally, if a department does not wish to research a new copier and would like to stay with the current one, they can ask their current vendor for a quote for a one year maintenance agreement which also must be on state or purchasing cooperative contract.

General Information

- Most of the "well known" brands are on one or more state (TXMAS) or purchasing cooperative contracts (i.e. DIR, TPASS, TCPN).

- Consumable supplies are almost always included in the maintenance portion of these contracts and this should be considered in comparing the cost of the copier you choose. (i.e. Toner, Maintenance Supplies, Staples)

-Look carefully and compare the copier allowances available for Black/White copies and Color copies.

-All departments have the option to choose 2,3,4,5 year leases

- Receiving is NOT required on the lease portion of purchase orders for copiers

(2) most common options when ordering a copier:

1. Lease (without option to purchase)

Lease (usually paid monthly for 2,3,4,5 years) ownership is held by the vendor until end of the copier contract term. Maintenance is included. Vendor will remove copier at end of term if not renewing with that vendor or replace after negotiations with a new copier. CANNOT use HEF Funds.

2. Purchase w/Maintenance Contract Purchase a copier in full.

One time purchase of copier in full and with 1 year maintenance included. HEF Funds can be used only at the one time purchase. If a department does not wish to do a maintenance contract at the time of purchase and decides later to have maintenance you cannot use HEF Funds at that time or for future maintenance periods.


The below listed vendors are the ones we currently utilize. If you find a vendor you would like to use that is not listed, please contact Andrea Bates or Linda Bianco so they can reach out and verify with the vendor that they are on a state contract or purchasing cooperative contract.


638 N. University Drive #129 Nacogdoches, TX
Phone: 832.269.1624
Representative: Cynde Bluethman Email:

Complete Business Systems

102 N Spur 63, Longview, TX
Phone: 903-399-2516

Representative: Ronnie Fritz


Ricoh USA

100 E Ferguson Ste 416 Tyler, TX
Phone: 903.352.0299
Representative: Randy Fedell Email:

Texas Document Solutions

2003 Atkinson Dr. Lufkin, TX
Phone: 936.699.2800
Representative: Tim McCoy Email:


424 North St. Nacogdoches, TX
Phone: 936.569.1992
Representative: Scott Waller Email: