Stephen F. Austin State University

Mentor Protege Program

Stephen F. Austin Mentor-Protege Program

The goal of Stephen F. Austin State University's HUB Mentor-Protégé Program is to build effective working relationships between leaders of mature established companies and emerging minority and women owned companies in order for the latter to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the established firm.

The purpose of the Mentor-Protégé program is to identify and overcome barriers that typically inhibit or restrict the success of minority and women owned businesses by encouraging relationships with other businesses, thereby increasing the ability of HUBs to contract with state agencies or receive subcontracts under state agency contracts.

Participation in the Mentor-Protégé Program is entirely voluntary on both the part of the Mentor and Protégé and is neither a guarantee for contract opportunity nor a promise of business.

If you are interested in participating as either a Mentor or Protégé, contact the SFA Director of Procurement & Property Services .

Mentor-Protege Agreement

The Mentor-Protégé Agreement is a document drawn between the Mentor and Protégé detailing the nature of the relationship for the purpose of SFA sponsorship. By working together in regularly scheduled meetings, Mentors focus on developing Protégés' business plans, and implementing the actions necessary to obtain results reflected in the Mentor-Protégé Sample Agreement.

Who Can Be a Mentor?

A Mentor firm is a larger, well established and successful company who is willing to unselfishly commit time and resources to teach, develop, and grow a small business that is ready to take the next step toward growth and success. Consideration of eligibility will include, but not be limited to, completion of an application and:

Who Can Be a Protege?

A Protégé firm is a smaller company with a vision and qualifications for growth, but who needs the environment in which to learn more about their industry and/or successful ways to promote growth from within. Consideration of eligibility will include, but not be limited to, completion of an application and: