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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a HUB Vendor?

Visit the CBML and Hub Directory Search database to find a HUB vendor.

Do I have to have separate cards for different FOP's ?

No, not at all. One card can be detailed to different FOP's. If you need your default FOP updated for detailing email the P-Card Coordinator.

The FOPs were originally printed on the cards because we restricted the use of a card to a single FOP. We moved past that procedure and now allow any FOP to be charged to any card.

How can I change my per transaction limit or billing cycle limit?

Have your department head send an email to the P-Card Coordinator with approval of the changes that need to be made. Please provide the last four of the card number, cardholder name and the new limits.

Keep in mind the max per transaction is $3,000 and the max per billing cycle is $15,000.

Can I purchase furniture with my P-Card?

For furniture/furnishings only needs, contact the Design Center for a recommendation; ext. 1566, The Design Center will provide a variety of selections and alternatives as close to budget as possible while maintaining a standard that provides for quality, warranty, etc. plus full-service from entering the requisition to being on-site during installation and handling any problems that arise at that time or during the warranty period, which is a lifetime warranty in most cases.

If the Design Center cannot meet your needs, they will bow out of the process and recommend the department make the purchase with a p-card or submit a requisition through standard processes.

How do I sign up for a p-card?
P-Card and Travel Card applications have moved to SAP Concur request. There is no longer a need for the Card Application paper form. Future Cardholders can access the application in SAP Concur through mySFA resources tab. Instructions on completing and submitting the form can be found HERE. Once it has been submitted, the application will go through a Workflow of the Cardholder's Supervisor. If the Supervisor is not the department head then the Supervisor must "Approve & Forward" to the appropriate department head for approval. The application will then be processed through the Disbursement office. Training will be required before issuance of card.
Can I pay membership dues with my p-card?
  • Memberships purchased with LOCAL FUNDS may be made with a p-card
  • Memberships purchased with STATE FUNDS CAN NOT be made with a p-card, but MUST BE SUBMITTED on a requisition. VP approval is an automatic part of the Banner requisition approval process for memberships

Refer to Policy 17.10

How do I increase or decrease my p-card encumbrance?
Email the P-Card Coordinator with the amount to increase or decrease along with the Fund-Org-Program.
What are HEF funds?
HEF funds are "Higher Education Funds or Instructional Capital". Use of these funds must be only for the purchase of equipment including library books and library videos, software, etc. Examples of HEF fund numbers are: 130472, 130471, 92xxxx, 943xxx, 96xxxx. Please refer to HEF guidelines.
I'm having trouble logging in to CitiBank to print my on-line statement.
The cardholder must call Citibank (1-800-248-4553, select option 1) to reset password.
I'm having trouble logging in to Banner.
For Banner log in and access questions or lock outs please contact Cathy Rhodes, ext 1377.