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Class Rosters

Official Attendance Rosters

Online Official Attendance Rosters should be available after 7:00 a.m. the 2nd day after the official reporting date. The Registrar's Office sends notification of the roster deadline to departments and instructors each semester. The Academic department is responsible for insuring that instructors submit the online Official Attendance Rosters. Instructions on how to submit attendance rosters can be here.

Attendance can be defined by physical attendance or participation in an academically related activity such as submission of an assignment, examination, or participation in group or online discussion. Instructors may use key assessment points such as projects, papers, discussions, etc. as benchmarks for participation.

Beginning in the Fall 2014, students marked as "Never Attended" will be dropped from class if they receive a certain type of financial aid. Federal laws for Financial Aid have dictated that any student who is not attending class will not receive financial aid. In order to comply, any student marked as "Never Attended" will be dropped and their financial aid altered. Students who are marked as "Never Attended" and do not receive a certain type of financial aid will not be dropped.

Instructors will have to re-verify enrollment if a student is incorrectly marked as never attended upon request by the student. This can be done via the Attendance Re-Verification link located in SSB. Instructions on how to re-verify a student's attendance can be found here.

The Official Attendance Roster link will be available to instructors for 5 business days. All online Official Attendance Rosters must be submitted by instructors before the deadline. Attendance Rosters may not be submitted after that time.

Official Attendance Rosters are kept on file and reviewed by the SFASU Audit Service Office, the State Auditors, or THECB. In compliance with federal regulations governing financial aid, instructors are required to report students who have never attended or participated in class. Standardization of reporting is necessary to ensure the accuracy and integrity of this data. Official Attendance Rosters are also used to determine conclusions to discrepancies and appeals made by students. The rosters are used as evidence in these cases.

The instructors are submitting official documents. Students should not have access to these rosters as they contain Campus ID numbers.

Note: The University is held accountable for each Attendance Roster. They are kept on file in the Registrar's Office. For additional information or questions concerning Attendance Rosters please call the Grades & Roster Specialist in the Registrar's Office.


Kara Predmore

Student Records Specialist - Grades and Rosters


Access to Class Lists


Online Class Lists

Online Class Lists can be found on mySFA by navigating to the Self Service Banner.

  1. Faculty Tab
  2. Self-Service Banner - SSB
  3. Faculty tab
  4. Class List.

No special authorization required. However, everyone using Self Service Banner must have a valid Username and Password in order to log in to mySFA. Instructors only have access to Class Lists of sections they are assigned to teach. Class Lists are not Official Attendance Rosters.

The online class list will allow authorized users to view the following student information for each class:


PDF Class Rosters:

Class Lists, 1st Class Day and Official Attendance Rosters are available for administrators to download & save or print hardcopies via Web Focus reports. The following is a list of different reports available to use.

sre130_class_list_prod: This report may be used to find a list of enrolled students by assigned faculty, CRN, or department. This list also includes student email addresses.

sre070_1st_class_day_rosters: This report may be used to print or view 1st class day rosters.

sre073_ord_rosters: This report may be used to print or view Official Attendance Rosters.