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Grade Entry

Grade Entry

Grade entry should be available during the week of finals during Fall and Spring and a few days before the final exam day during Summer terms. The Registrar's Office sends notification of the grade entry deadline to departments and instructors each semester. The Academic department is responsible for insuring that instructors submit grades. Midterm grades are required for all Remedial, 100-level, and 200-level courses per SFA policy 5.5 Course Grades. Instructions on how to submit midterm and final grades can be located below.

See instructions on how to enter Mid-term grades.

See instructions on how to enter Final grades.

Awarding Grades

Below is a list of Final grades that may be awarded to students by instructors.

Mid-term grades do not have an option of WH, QF, WP, nor WF. SFA Policy 5.5 Course Grades

Grade Description
A Excellent
B Good
C Average
D Passing
F Failure
P Passing Used only with classes that are classified or flagged as being Pass/Fail.
QF Quit Fail Student quit attending and did not officially withdraw. See below.
AU Audit grade Student has registered to audit the course. Students must sign up to audit a course through the Registrar's office.
WH Withheld grade Student must complete assigned work within specified time (up to one year.) After one year, the WH is changed to an F.

When entering grades, if the only grade option is WP or WF, the student has withdrawn through the Registrar's office between specific dates.

There is no longer a QF date. A QF grade is to be awarded to students who stop attending and do not officially withdraw from the university.

Instructors may not award a grade of W. These grades are used only when the student withdrew or dropped a class in the Registrar's office.

Grade Changes

A grade change is initiated by the instructor. Instructors have the option of submitting a grade change via the online link "Grade Change" located under Faculty Services in Self-Service Banner (SSB) or hard-copy form. The online Grade Change link will be available for a given semester for one academic year beginning 19 days after the last day of finals. Hard copy forms may be submitted at any time.

Once the instructor has entered the appropriate information online or on hard-copy form, the information must obtain approval and signatures from the Department Chair and the College Dean of the Department of the course.

Once approval is given by the Dean, the information is sent to the Registrar's Office for updating on the student's record. We make great effort in making sure all grades changes that come in to our office are done within one business day. However, due to the chain of approvals required, there is no estimated time for the full process to take place. Once changed in the system, the changes are immediate.

At any point in the process, the grade change can be denied. If you any questions, please contact the Registrar's Office at x1370 or send an email to