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Stephen F. Austin State University

Repeating a Course

Per SFA Policy 5.5 Course Grades

Stephen F. Austin State University's Course Grades (5.5) policy

Students who make an F in a course can receive credit only by repeating the course.

Undergraduate students who want to repeat courses to improve their GPA at SFA must repeat those courses at SFA. For any course that is repeated at SFA, the grade earned in the most recent enrollment will be used to calculate the GPA.

Credit hours for courses taken at other institutions to replace credit hours earned at SFA may be used to meet graduation credit hour requirements, but will not be used for GPA calculation.

Repeating a Course Scenario

The following is an example of a possible situation concerning Academic Standings and GPA.

In Spring 2017, Student A repeated ENG 131, F grade, 3 hours from Fall 2016. At the end of Fall 2016, the F hours were included in the GPA calculation of 1.8. This GPA caused Student A to be on Academic Probation for Fall 2016.

At the end of Spring 2017, after grades were entered and the repeat policy applied, the F was marked as "Exclude from GPA" (according to policy 5.5 Course Grades) and removed from the GPA calculation in the semester it was taken. This improved the GPA, but did not affect the standing. Since the cumulative and term GPA for Student A in Spring 2017 was below 2.0, the student was placed on Academic Suspension for Spring 2017.

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