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Registration and Waitlisting

How to Register for Classes

Registration opens during for each term during the prior semester. For example, registration for each Summer and Fall semester opens during the Spring semester. Exact dates are released each semester before registration opens.

Steps to Register

1. Meet with an Advisor.

2. Clear all active Registration Holds. You can check for Holds by logging into your mySFA and selecting the Registration tab.

3. Ready to Register? Navigate to mySFA. The Schedule Planner (Build and Submit Schedule) and Add/Drop Courses link are located on the Registration Tab.

Problems regarding logging into your mySFA should be directed to the mySFA helpdesk at 936.468.7277. The student must have their ID number ready.

4. Students may choose to either build a schedule with the Schedule Planner tool or manually build their schedule using the Add/Drop Courses link.

It is recommended students use Schedule Planner to build and submit their schedule; then use Add/Drop for any further registration changes. More detailed instructions can be found below in the Registration Tutorials section. Using the Schedule Planner does NOT complete registration automatically. After submitting a schedule, the student must select the 'Register' button on the Schedule Planner Registration Cart page.

Registration Tutorials

Registration tutorials are located below and also on the Registration Tab of your mySFA:

1. The best way to register for classes is to use the Add/Drop Courses feature listed as item #4 on the Registration tab of mySFA. Powerpoint below for assistance.

Add/Drop Courses Tutorial Powerpoint

2. Another way to register is by using the Schedule Planner tool. Use the PDF tutorial or watch the video below.

Important: When using Schedule Planner, the student will not be registered until the register button is selected after sending the schedule to the registration cart.

How to Use the Schedule Planner

How to Use Schedule Planner Powerpoint

SFA Schedule Planner Video

Successful Registration

When registering for courses, all attempts end at the Add/Drop Courses page. Successful registration looks like the following:

The student will see a "Current Schedule" area and each succesfullly registered course will read "Web-Registered on DATE."

Successful Registration Example

Registration Add Errors

When a student receives a Registration Add Error while attempting to register, registration for the listed course was not successful.

Add Errors always follow the following format:

Possible Registration Add Errors and how to address them may be viewed here.

Registration Add Error Example

Viewing Student Schedule

The best place to view the schedule after successful registration is under the Registration Tab of the student's mySFA.

How to Waitlist a Class

Waitlisting Information

Effective Fall 2017, the Office of the Registrar added the Electronic Waitlist System to the registration process. It is at the discretion of the Academic Departments to determine participation in this program. Waitlisting for courses will be activated the first day of registration and will be deactivated on the following days for each semester:

How does Waitlisting work?

If a seat becomes available in a course section that has a implemented waitlist, the first student on the waitlist will receive automatic notification via their mySFA email account. The student has only 24 hours from the time the email is sent (not when it is opened) to register for the course using the Add/Drop Courses link located on the Registration tab of their mySFA account.

Failure to register within the 24-hour window will result in the student being removed from the waitlist, meaning they have lost the opportunity to register for the open seat in the course. The opportunity to register for the open seat will pass on to the next student. Students who do not register during their permission period may elect to place themselves back on the Waitlist (given there is space) but will be added to the bottom of the list.

How to add a student to a waitlist tutorial:


How to register once waitlist notification email has been received:


Helpful Tips about Waitlisting

Registration and Waitlisting FAQs

How are students notified when a seat becomes available on a waitlist class?
The student will automatically receive an email notifying them the class has a seat available. The student will then have 24 hours from the time they received the email (not when the email was opened) to register for the course. If the student fails to register for the course by the deadline, they will be removed from the waitlist and the next student on the waitlist will be notified of the available seat.
Which email address will the student receive the notification?
Waitlist notifications will be sent to the student's mySFA email address. It is the student's responsibility to regularly check their mySFA email.
Is the student guaranteed a seat if they get on a waitlist for a class?
No, waitlisting does not guarantee a seat in the class. Students should check their waitlist position regularly on their mySFA account under Student Detail Schedule. If the student is not moving up on the waitlist, they may want to consider an alternate class for registration.
Will holds on student accounts prevent registration?
Yes. Holds will prevent students from registering for courses, even if they have received a waitlist notification. Students need to be sure they have cleared their holds prior to waitlisting.
What happens if a student drops a class that has an active waitlist?
If a student drops a class that has an active waitlist, they cannot re-register for that course. They must add themselves on the waitlist or register for a different section that does not have a waitlist.
If dropped for non-payment, will it remove the student from the waitlist?
Yes, if a student is dropped from a registered courses due to non-payment, the student will also be removed from any and all waitlists.
Will the waitlist continue during University Holidays (i.e. Christmas, July 4th, etc.)?
Yes. Once the waitlist is active for a given term, it will remain available until the 3rd class day for Fall/Spring terms, the day prior to the first class day for Maymester, and the 1st class day for Summer I and Summer II terms. Students who are on a waitlist should check their mySFA email account throughout the holidays in case they receive a notification a seat is available. Once notification is sent, the student has 24 hours to register for the course. The waitlist system does not pause for weekends or holidays and registration stays open during those time periods also.
Will time conflicts with other registered or waistlisted classes be allowed?
While time conflicts are not allowed on a student's schedule, the student can choose to be on a waitlist even if the waitlisted class has a time conflict with another class on the schedule. When the student is notified of an opening, the student will have to decide which class to take. If the waitlisted class is preferred, the student must drop the currently enrolled class before adding the waitlisted class.
Do registration restrictions prevent a student from getting on the waitlist for waitlisted course?
Yes. All registration restrictions (pre-requisites, special permission, major/minor, etc.) apply to waitlist.
Are waitlisted classes counted towards the student's credit hours?
No. Waitlisted classes do not count toward credit hours because the student is not registered for the waitlisted class.

Additional Charges Related to Registration

All fees regarding tuition and registration are decided on and posted by the Business Office. All questions regarding tuition and fees should be directed to the Business Office at 936.468.6960 or

Late Registration Fees

See SFA Tuition and Fees listing in regard to Late Registration and Late Adds.

Tuition Charged for Excess Credit Hours

See the University policy regarding tuition charged for excess credit hours.

Course Repeat Fee

See the University information regarding the course repeat fee.

Course Program of Study (CPOS)

If the student has been contacted by Financial Aid about a registered course not being part of their degree plan, it is recommended the student contact their academic advisor to see what actions need to be taken.

Students can view advisor information on the Advising Tab at their mySFA.