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Stephen F. Austin State University

CITI Training

In order to facilitate ethical training for faculty and students conducting research, SFA has purchased a license to the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), a comprehensive educational program that is used nationally and worldwide "... to provide educational content that promotes the quality of and public trust in the research enterprise" (taken from Mission Statement: CITI).

Accessing CITI Training

Instructions for Accessing CITI Training:

CITI Training Requirements for Socio-Behavioral Researchers

Socio-Behavioral Course: 8 Modules

CITI Training Requirements for Biomedical Researchers

Bio-Medical Course: 9 Modules

CITI Training Completion Certificates

Principal investigators, co-investigators, and any student or other assistant who will be involved with sample recruitment and other sampling procedures, data collection and identifiable (via direct or indirect identifiers) data and/or data analyses ARE ENCOURAGED to take the training and send the CITI Training Completion Certificate to the IRB along with submission of research protocol to the IRB.* The training is currently OPTIONAL for IRB submission. However, the SFA IRB highly recommends all personnel involved in research to get this training every 3 years. If you have any questions about CITI training, please contact the IRB.

*Please submit the applicable CITI Training Completion Certificates for ALL team members along with your IRB application.