Stephen F. Austin State University

Welfare Complaints & Non-Compliance

Evaluation of Animal Care and Use Concerns

To help ensure that laboratory animals receive humane care, use or treatment in accordance with the highest ethical standards, laws, regulations and policies governing animal research, the IACUC must review and, if warranted, address any animal-related concerns raised by the institutional employees. Procedures are in place to ensure that concerns are communicated to the IACUC. The committee must review each concern in a timely systematic manner and, when necessary, take prompt, appropriate corrective actions.

Methods for Reporting

To facilitate communication, there are a number of options available to communicate concerns about animal care and use at SFASU, or to report instances of suspected non-compliance with laws, rules, regulations and policies. The names of contact persons including the IACUC Chair and Compliance Officer are listed on the IACUC and ORSP websites.

Although written concerns are more convenient to handle, complainants may not be willing to submit them in this manner. In such cases, the individuals who receive concerns should document them fully to ensure that the issues are clear and to prevent misunderstandings. Concerns may be submitted to any member of the IACUC.

At a minimum, the concern should identify:

Any animal use and care concerns may also be sent to

Requests for anonymity will be honored to the extent possible. This includes protecting the confidentiality of those who report concerns as well as anyone against whom allegations are directed, while allegations are under investigation.