Stephen F. Austin State University


About SFAS 1101- Student Success Course

It is important that students understand how a university works and what they need to do to be successful. Toward that end, the university has created a one-credit hour course designed specifically for the first-semester college student. In classes of no more than 25, SFAS 1101 students work with an experienced SFA instructor and a successful junior, senior, or graduate student. SFAS 1101 is not a required course; however; it is beneficial to all beginning college students.

SFAS 1101 provides study and practice in methods for success in college. Topics include critical thinking skills, study skills, time and money management, goal setting, career planning, and a review of university resources and regulations.

SFAS 1101 will show you how to sharpen your skills.

You will learn valuable tips for better studying; discover helpful pointers for reading textbooks and taking exams. You will also become familiar with the library.

SFAS 1101 will show you what SFA has to offer.

SFA just unveiled a brand new recreation center and student center with a movie theater. SFA also offers over 180 clubs and organizations to help you make the most of your college years. It is a fact that students who get involved usually do better academically.

SFAS 1101 really does make a difference!

Since SFAS 1101 Student Success Course has began, it is a fact that students who take SFAS 1101 tend to stay in college longer, have higher GPA's, and are more actively involved in campus life.

What you will learn

Upon completion of SFAS 1101 the student will be informed of the following areas and how they relate to their success: