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Panhellenic Council (NPC)

SFA Panhellenic Council

The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) is the umbrella organization for 26 national and international sororities. You can learn more about the National Panhellenic Conference by visiting their website,

The SFA Panhellenic Council is the coordinating body of the five NPC sororities at SFA. The Council coordinates recruitment, provides programming and activities for sorority women, promotes Lumberjack spirit and works as a self-governing support system for our chapters. You can find more information on our 5 chapters at the bottom of this page.

SFA Panhellenic women strive for academic success. In fall 2018, the cumulative SFA Panhellenic GPA was 3.18 compared to the SFA all-women's cumulative GPA of 3.04. Over 37% of Panhellenic women made a 3.5 or above semester GPA for fall 2018, and over 28% of Panhellenic women have a 3.5 or above cumulative GPA.

SFA Panhellenic women are committed to the Nacogdoches community and furthering the cause of their national philanthropies. They contribute thousands of hours to community service, and have donated over $100,000 to their philanthropies.

Our women value academics, philanthropy, sisterhood and of course, Lumberjack spirit! Choosing to become a Panhellenic woman is more than four years, it's for life. Follow the hashtag #pictureyourselfpanhellenic on social media so you can get a glimpse of the incredible things SFA Panhellenic women are doing year-round.

Potential New Member (PNM) Convocation

All potential new members are required to attend the Zoom convocation on one of the following days and times through the link provided below.

Saturday August 14, 2021 at 6 p.m.:


Sunday August 15, 2021 at 9 a.m.:

To access Zoom, you will need to log in through your mySFA account and click on the zoom button on the home page

Connect With Us!

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SFA Panhellenic Chapters

Alpha Chi Omega crest

Alpha Chi Omega

Nicknames: Alpha Chi, A-Chi-O

National Founding Date: October 15, 1885

SFA Founding Date: May 6, 1967

Chapter Name: Epsilon Eta

Philanthropy: Domestic violence awareness, prevention, and education

Colors: Scarlet and olive green

House Address: 412 N. Steen Drive

Chapter President: Devon Lory

Spring 2021 GPA: 3.28

Website - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

Chi Omega crest

Chi Omega

Nickname: Chi-O

National Founding Date: April 5, 1895

SFA Founding Date: December 7, 1963

Chapter Name: Epsilon Zeta

Philanthropy: Make-A-Wish Foundation

Colors: Cardinal and straw

House Address: 402 N. Steen Drive

Chapter President: Ali Leslie

Spring 2021 GPA: 3.26

Website - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

Delta Delta Delta crest

Delta Delta Delta

Nickname: Tri Delta

National Founding Date: November 28, 1888

SFA Founding Date: December 2, 1972

Chapter Name: Beta Xi

Philanthropy: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Colors: Cerulean blue (supporting colors are gold, silver, and bright blue)

House Address: 424 N. Steen Drive

Chapter President: Shannon May

Spring 2021 GPA: 3.18

Website - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

Delta Zeta crest

Delta Zeta

Nickname: D-Z

National Founding Date: October 24, 1902

SFA Founding Date: May 4, 1963

Chapter Name: Zeta Psi

Philanthropy: Speech and hearing, Starkey Hearing Foundation

Colors: Rose and green

House Address: 502 N. Steen Drive

Chapter President: Avery Rumsey

Spring 2021 GPA: 3.03

Website - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

Zeta Tau Alpha crest

Zeta Tau Alpha

Nickname: Zeta

National Founding Date: October 15, 1898

SFA Founding Date: March 18, 1977

Chapter Name: Theta Eta

Philanthropy: Breast cancer education and awareness

Colors: Turquoise blue and steel gray

House Address: 514 N. Steen Drive

Chapter President: Kenzie Mays

Spring 2021 GPA: 3.16

Website - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

Students With Disabilities

The Office of Student Affairs Programs is committed to providing support for students with disabilities. If you are a student who needs an accommodation to attend or participate in one of our events or student organizations you are encouraged to stop by Room 325 in the Human Services Building to make your request. You may also call us at (936) 468-3004, TDD: (936) 468-1004.

If you have an accommodation request please see us as soon as possible, so we can make any arrangements necessary. Accommodations can only be arranged once a request has been submitted in writing to Disability Services. To the greatest extent possible, the Office of Student Affairs Programs shall observe confidentiality with respect to any request for accommodation.

Students who feel they have not been accommodated appropriately can appeal that decision utilizing the university appeals process.