Stephen F. Austin State University

Student Org Relationship Statement


Student Organization Formation and Recognition (Policy 10.9)

Aside from the supervision exercised through the Division of University Affairs over the Residence Hall Association, the Student Activities Association, the Student Government Association, theOffice of Student Life and certain social and cultural activities conducted on the campus of Stephen F. Austin State University, the University assumes no responsibility for student organizations or their programs. Such organizations, if closely connected with the activities of academic departments of the institution may, in some cases, receive special help and supervision from those departments.

University Employees

University employees should not serve as officers within a student organization, other than fulfilling the role of advisor. No employee of the University has the authority to open a bank account in the name of or for the benefit of any student organization nor should any employee be included as an allowable signatory on any off-campus bank account of any student organization.

Registered Student Organizations: Banking Requirements

While Level Two student organizations may use the name of the University as a part of their name, the name of the University, including any abbreviations, may not be used within the name or description of any off-campus banking account established and/or maintained by any student organization.

Universities Responsibilities

Responsibility for any views expressed in a meeting or activity of a student organization is solely that of the individuals concerned and the University is not to be held to approve or disapprove such views, whatever their nature. The University is to be concerned exclusively with the discharge of its educational obligation and to facilitate free discussion of all points of view to the extent constitutionally guaranteed.