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Generation Jacks

What is Generation Jacks?

GenJacks (GJ) is an extended learning community for first-generation college students. First generation means neither your parent nor guardian graduated from a four-year university. GenJacks is an amazing program that provides a great academic experience and excellent support network. As GenJacks, we take classes together, participate in service, and host social events for the GenJacks community.

2022 GJ APPLICATIONS will be available in NOVEMBER 2021! Space is limited to the first 100 students for the Fall 2022 cohort.

If you are interested in joining GenJacks, you may complete the online application by clicking the blue button on the right hand side or fill out this application form and return it to

The program consists of the following:

Summer Leadership Academy (SLA)

Wednesday, August 18th - Friday, August 20th, 2021

All GenJacks have the opportunity to participate in workshops, social events, service, and leadership activities a week before the Fall semester. This program provides you with resources, tools to contribute to your success at SFA, and allows you to get acclimated to campus before classes begin! At SLA, you will get to meet fellow GenJacks students, staff, GJ professors teaching your courses, and GJ Counselors, who are upperclassmen students who will serve as a mentor during your college career. GenJacks students will get to move-in to their residence hall early on Tuesday, August 17th from 3-5PM. The academy is required for all incoming GJ students and all expenses for SLA, including meals, supplies, etc. will be taken care of by GenJacks. SLA will prepare you for college as a first-generation college student and provide a foundation of tools to start your academic journey strong.

Academic Learning Community

Three of your first semester courses will be exclusively with other GJ students and are taught by GJ professors! There are nine course options to choose from and every GJ student will choose two. While every major can utilize most of these GJ courses within their degree plan, the GJ Coordinator will help you with course selection if you are not sure. **We will work with each student individually to ensure the GenJacks courses align with their degree plan, availability, and dual-credit. The GenJacks Coordinator will register you for GenJacks classes. The third course you will take as a GenJack is SFAS 1101, a student success course to help ease your transition to SFA. You will learn time management skills, study skills, SFA resources, etc.

GenJacks Courses include:

ENGL 1301

Rhetoric and Composition

PSYC 2301

General Psychology

HIST 1301

U.S. History 1

PHIL 2306

Intro to Philosophy

GOVT 2305

Am. Govt. Theory and Politics

MATH 1342

Intro to Probability and Statistics

GOVT 2306

Am. Govt. Structure and Function

SPCH 1315

Public Speaking

MUSI 1306

Music Appreciation

SFAS 1101 (for every GJ)

Student Success Course

Residential Learning Community (RLC)

In addition, GenJacks students have access to special housing in Steen Hall. This means you have the option to live in Steen with other GenJacks students, on the GenJacks floor. Space is limited to the first 36 students! This is a great way to stay engaged and get connected with other GenJacks! GenJacks that live on the RLC floor have access to special programs and events.

Service Learning and Mentorship Opportunities

As a GJ, you will get to participate in several community service events like the MLK Day of Service, The Big Event (the largest day of community service in Nacogdoches), JCFR Thanksgiving Homebound Food Donation Project and other service projects. In addition to these service activities, you will immediately receive a GJ Counselor (a GJ upperclassmen, peer mentor) and GJ Success Coach (faculty or staff mentor). Both will guide you through your college career, and help you achieve your goals.

Career and Professional Development

Career readiness is an absolute must, so GenJacks gives you a head start on your employability. During your second semester you will take SFAS 1110 (1 credit hour), which is a career development course that will teach you how to build your resume and develop interview skills, but also allows you to explore careers in your major and ensure your own talents match your career choices. Once you've gained career skills in SFAS 1110, we will help place you in a 50-hour professional internship, employment, or graduate practicum in your preferred industry to get you better connected to jobs in your major. This practicum class, SFAS 2150 will give you 1 hour of course credit during the first semester of your sophomore year.

Why should I join Generation Jacks?

GenJacks will provide you with unbeatable support, an amazing network of friends, and an unforgettable college experience. In addition, GJ...

Why wouldn't you join?

How can I be a GenJack?

To join Generation Jacks, all you need to do is be a first-generation student and have been admitted to SFA. Remember, only the first 100 eligible students will be chosen to be a GJ, so it is very important that you submit your application form as quickly as possible. You can email it to You can also complete our online application located at the top of the page, by clicking the blue button. If you have any questions, please contact us! We are so excited you are interested in being a GenJack and Welcome to the Lumberjack Family!