Stephen F. Austin State University


The Physical Plant at SFA makes a change

Stephen F. Austin State University has recently acquired a new model of transportation: the Polaris Ranger EV (Electric Vehicle). This durable, all-terrain, 12 volt vehicle is not only built strong, but is environmentally friendly as well. Anxious to participate in the sustainability movement, SFA recently purchased two of these vehicles.

The Polaris Ranger EVs will be beneficial all around campus. They will save the University money over time while maintaining a sustainable environment. Because the Ranger EV is 100% electric, no fuel emissions enter the atmosphere, thus helping to reduce carbon emission related to causes of the global warming theory and resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. The vehicles also reduce costs. One Ranger EV can be charged fully in three hours and maintain a steady charge that can last about 50 miles. If SFA charges their vehicles at $0.06 an hour, then they are only spending $0.0036 a mile. Next, these vehicles are supremely quiet which means there is nearly no noise pollution is emitted. On top of all of this, the fact that the Ranger EV runs off of electricity means that there are no fluid leaks that will contaminate the soils on campus or enter landfills. The benefits from the Polaris Ranger EV are immense when it comes to cost, maintenance, and environmental friendliness.

Stephen F. Austin State University is making it a point to 'go green' and is working hard to do the best it can for the environment. Every move towards becoming more sustainable is helping to preserve and protect the environment, and SFA is proud to be helping to make this happen!

SFA Physical Plant's Polaris Ranger EV