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Stephen F. Austin State University

Campus Initiatives

Sustainability Initiatives on Campus

SFA has partnered with Siemens Industry Inc. to develop ways of conserving resources, reducing waste and improving energy efficiency on the university's campus. Over the next nine years, these initiatives will pay for themselves and result in dramatic cost savings and environmental benefits for the future.

Water Conservation Measures

Low-flow toilets, sink faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads have been installed in buildings across campus. In kitchens, sink foot pedals allow workers to turn water on and off as needed instead of keeping the water running for long periods of time.

Power Factor Correction

Siemens has installed equipment that has allowed SFA to raise its power factor from approximately 86 percent in past years to more than 95 percent, meaning the university uses energy more efficiently while saving an estimated $72,000 per year.

Boiler Plant Upgrade

A hot water boiler in Mechanical Plant 1 was replaced with five smaller boilers that can be modulated to do more with less energy.

Lighting Efficiency Upgrades

Occupancy sensors have been installed in all campus buildings, including dorms, and T-12 lamps are being converted to more efficient T-8 lighting. As part of this facility improvement measure, light levels have been brought up or down for better consistency and overall improvement.

Vending Machine Controls

Siemens is ensuring that all vending machines on campus have a controller that powers down the machine when not frequented while still keeping vending items cool.

Energy Management Control System Upgrades

Siemens has installed equipment that allows the HVAC systems of buildings to be controlled remotely via a central computer. This technology gives university personnel the ability to make adjustments as necessary, such as switching a building into unoccupied mode when no one is present, and ensures that the HVAC system of each building is running efficiently. Also, energy monitors have been placed on 87 buildings to measure the energy consumption of each one. While installing this new equipment, Siemens has cleaned and repaired existing building air handler units and mechanical equipment to maximize performance and save energy.

Projected Annual Savings