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Logos and Wordmarks
SFA University Seal
SFA Brand Manual

Logos and Wordmarks

The SFA Spirit Logo is the primary graphic component of our identity system. Use the logo carefully as it reflects directly on the university.

Logo guidelines:

  • Use the purple logo on all color pieces.
  • Do not remove the white outline around the logo.
  • Provide a clear space around the logo. There should be no distracting elements.
  • The SFA Spirit Logo should be used on every piece of marketing collateral.
  • Do not alter, stretch or tilt the logo.

Which logo or wordmark graphic type should you use?
Please select the correct graphic type depending upon how the logo or wordmark will be used.

  • PDF with CMYK for four-color process print publications and vendors
  • PDF with Spot 267 for spot-color print publications
  • JPG for websites or emails
  • PNG for websites or emails requiring a transparent background

Spirit logo

SFA spirit logo
PDF (CMYK) | PDF (Spot 267) | JPG  | PNG

If you need other variations of the logo for a vendor, submit a ticket request.

Do not alter or attempt to recreate or type out the wordmark. Always use the downloads provided below.

Primary SFA wordmark

Primary S F A wordmark


Primary SFA wordmark with white text and transparent background

Primary SFA wordmark with white text


If you need other variations of the wordmark for a vendor, submit a ticket request.

College, department and office wordmarks

Every college, department and office has a relevant wordmark available from University Marketing Communications. Submit a ticket request to receive the appropriate wordmark.


SFA purple should be the dominant color.

SFA purple

4-Color Process:
C – 77
M – 97
Y – 0
K – 0
RGB: 95-37-159
Spot Color: PMS 267
Web: #5F259F or #660099

Secondary Palette
A secondary color palette can be used to complement and expand on designs. However, if a publication is important for branding needs, it is necessary to show the primary color more prominently.

CMYK: 0-0-0-100
RGB: 44-42-41
Web: #060808
Medium Gray
Medium Gray
CMYK: 0-0-0-60
RGB: 117-120-123
Web: #75787B
Light Gray
Light Gray
CMYK: 0-0-0-25
RBG: 177-179-179
Web: #B1B3B3

Accent Palette
The accent palette is to be used as accent colors and should not be used without the Primary and Secondary Palettes prominently present. Should only be used sparingly.

PMS 318
PMS 318
CMYK: 40-0-14-0
RGB: 136-219-223
Web: #88DBDF
PMS 327
PMS 327
CMYK: 100-2-60-14
RGB: 0-134-117
Web: #008675
PMS 1205
PMS 1205
CMYK: 0-3-43-0
RGB: 248-224-142
Web: #F8E08E
PMS 357
PMS 357
CMYK: 92-18-94-61
RGB: 33-87-50
Web: #215732
PMS 576
PMS 576

CMYK: 54-5-94-24
RGB: 120-157-74
Web: #789D4A
PMS 577
PMS 577

CMYK: 35-2-58-0
RGB: 169-196-127
Web: #A9C47F
PMS 187
PMS 187

CMYK: 7-100-82-26
RGB: 166-25-46
Web: #A6192E

University Seal

Use of the university seal is limited to formal documents such as diplomas and communications from the Board of Regents and the Office of the President. The seal should not be used by colleges, departments or programs. Instead, the university logo and wordmark should be used.

The Official SFA Seal

SFA Brand Manual

The official SFA Identity Standards Manual includes guidelines for logos, wordmarks, color and font choices, writing style manual, and graphic design, email, and social media timelines and processes.

You also can view only the writing style manual section of the identity standards.


In addition to the SFA spirit logo above, the following resources are available to help you communicate using branded visual elements.

Email Signature

See our Outlook Email Signature Generator to get your own personalized SFA email signature.

Desktop Wallpapers

Click on the size wallpaper you wish to download.

Austin Building with logo
Austin Building
Standard | Widescreen
Cole STEM Building
Cole STEM Building
Standard | Widescreen
Pine Trees with logo
Pine Trees
Standard | Widescreen

PowerPoint Templates

Click on the size presentation you wish to download.

Zoom Backgrounds

Click on the Zoom background image you wish to download.

Zoom Background 1 - The Ag Pond
The Ag Pond
Zoom Background 2 - Aerial View of Homer Bryce Stadium
Homer Bryce Stadium - Aerial
Zoom Background 3 - Flowers
Flowering tree
Zoom Background 4 - The Austin Building
The Austin Building
Zoom Background 5 - Pond and Steen Hall
Purple Lights
Zoom Background 6 - Cole STEM Building
Cole STEM Building


University Marketing Communications

1936 North Street
Austin Building, Room 121

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 6100, SFA Station
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