Stephen F. Austin State University

In-House Training

Training for Compliance with the Campus Program for Minors (CPM) Requirements

Revised: April 28, 2014

SFA Policy 13.5 and Section 51.976 of the Texas Education Code requires certain employees of campus programs for minors (CPM) to successfully complete a sexual abuse/child molestation training and examination program that has been approved by the Department of State Health Services.

Since the purpose of the statute is to provide child abuse/ molestation awareness to those who will be involved with minor campers, SFA also requires that volunteers, in addition to paid employees, be successfully trained.

The Student Services Department has been designated as the official CPM training coordinator for the university.

All training must be completed prior to the start of the program on campus.

Training for Employees/Volunteers of University Sponsored CPMs

Training for all SFA employees and students will be provided at no charge.

The fee for non-SFA employees and volunteers is $15 per person.


For SFA employees and students:

To secure access to training, send an email to Include your name and SFA campus ID number. You will receive a e-mail response that will guide you through accessing the on-line training portal.

For non-SFA employees and volunteers working at an SFA-sponsored CPM:

SFA Camp/Program Directors requesting training for non-SFA employees or volunteers who may be working at a university-sponsored CPM should submit an email request to with the name, email address and driver's license number of those persons needing training along with a campus FOAP number. The trainee will receive an email that will guide you through accessing the on-line training portal.

When the trainee has successfully completed the training they must report course completion and the verification code to the camp/program director prior to working at any campus program for minors.

You can access the state-required registration form here: TDSHS Verification Form.

Training for Employees /Volunteers of Third-Party Sponsored CPMs

While the priority of the university is to ensure that its own employees/volunteers are appropriately trained, a third-party program operator may request training for their employees/volunteers as well.

There will be a fee of $15 per person for training third-party employees/volunteers and the availability of training slots is subject to scheduling restrictions.

Sometimes SFA employees and students work at programs operated by third-parties. There is no fee for training SFA employees and SFA students working third-party programs when they make an appropriate on-line request (see section above)

Regardless of the training program utilized, the program operator remains fully responsible for complying with the statute.

Are there other approved training programs?

Yes. The Texas State Department of Health Services provides a list of approved training programs that will meet the requirements of the statute. You can access that list at

Two things for university sponsored CPM program operators to consider when using an off-campus trainer: